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Mania Grade: C

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  • Art Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: B+
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A-
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Infinity Studios LLC
  • MSRP: 9.95
  • Pages: 188
  • ISBN: 1-58899-006-0
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Peigenz Vol. #02

By Eduardo M. Chavez     September 27, 2004
Release Date: August 01, 2004

Peigenz Vol.#02
© Infinity Studios LLC

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Suh Gwong-hyun / Park Sung-woo
Translated by:Je-wa Jeong
Adapted by:

What They Say
The fight to protect the Statue of Liberty has started! After piecing together clues about a terrorist attack on the Statue of Liberty, a team of Peigenz field agents including Jay are dispatched to protect the symbol of liberty! They must defend off the statue from a mysterious master of the sword only known as Quasar. Who is he and what is his purpose? Is he affiliated to MAGO? Find out in Peigenz Volume 2!

The Review
The packaging for this series is pretty simple but still nice. ComicsOne and Infinity Studios present this in a B6, in left-to-right format. The front cover has big silent type Pailong looking depressed on a picture of New York City's skyline at night. The image is perfect for this volume as Pailong's personality remains in the dark throughout the first two volumes. The opposite cover has a random image of a super-deformed character, lord knows whom, giving the peace sign. Very strange.

I have seen three different logos for this title around the net. The first is in Korean, while the other two were in English. One has the title spelled "Pagans" in what appears to be cutout lettering, the other, which is on this cover, is spelled Peigenz in verdana font. Really simple but I guess the weird spelling makes it cool. The printing is pretty good. If I were to compare it with other ComicsOne titles, it is definitely better than most.

The printing has improved a bit from the first volume, which is actually pretty impressive, as it was already looking good. There are no extras, but there is a description for volume three followed by ads for: NOW and My Sassy Girl.

I love Park-sensei's art. Long sharp lines with sometimes have a slightly sketchy feel. Park tends to keep main characters really simple, no striking features or intricate costumes. While Park's supporting cast will often have great detail in their facial expressions and physical characteristics. Park also does a good job transitioning characters to SD. The characters keep a general look while their faces mainly bug out into cute or funny expressions. One thing that I noticed was Park's obsession with bare feet. In NOW Park's characters are often barefoot or randomly taking their shoes off, expect more of the same here actually for some reason Jay even has her shoes in her hand on the cover for some reason. There is even some frontal nudity in this volume as the fanservice keeps on getting better... Did I mention random shirt explosions?!

I noted in the review for the first volume how poor Park is at times with backgrounds. I noticed that towards the end of this volume Park begins to use digital images for background art. They look funny with the hand-drawn characters in front of them but they definitely fill a job that was missing. After seeing this in its early stages I wonder how much Park will use this and how the art overall will improve (if at all) with this technique. The layout on the other hand is pretty fancy and keeps up the action very well.

The translation reads much better than the first volume. Issues with typos and syntax that were present in the first volume have been taken care of and names appear to finally found some consistency.

SFX are really nice. SFX are subbed with translations that are smaller than the original to preserve Park's nice art. With all of the action in this series, seeing small subs is a perfect way to keep readers into the art and not frustrated by clutter.

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When NOA was known as New York City, the area has one of the higher crime rates in the country. Now with the city being known as the nation's dump, crime is occurring at an alarming rate. Mutation crime in particular has been very difficult to control, so the Peigenz have been on duty a majority of the time recently.

One case in particular threatened the nation's symbol of freedom and hope - the Statue of Liberty. A high level mutant has made the statue his stage for battle while the city celebrates its anniversary. To most members of the Peigenz a circumstance like this would often be considered a "kill first, think later" situation. For Jay this would be treated like every other situation - with respect to human life. She does not consider murder an option even in her position. However, she knew there would eventually be a day when she will have to shot to kill. Why did it have to be today? Especially when even Pailong, who typically is a ruthless killer, would not. Why did she have to kill him? His crime was not worth his punishment. Or was there something more to this case besides the chaos he caused at the Statue of Liberty?

As her cases become more frequent Jay's power begins to increase to unknown potential levels. Some in her squad wonder if she will surpass Pailong eventually. Jay's main concerns are how her clothing is ripping apart, and how to prevent turning into a cold killer like her partner. She just does not understand his motivation. It is as if he does not think before he ravages people. After asking around it appears that know one really knows much about Pailong, but for some reason they respect his abilities as cruel as they may be. There has to be something behind his strength; Jay hopes her strength does not make her lose sight of her purpose.

While the first volume of Peigenz left a lot in the air it concluded well with what appeared to be a developing plot. However in this volume what little hope I had was lost. The story regressed as it begun to introduce new characters and moved the focus from Jay to Pailong. Now if any character needed work it's Pailong, but true to form his personality still remains a mystery as he spoke with his fists instead of words. That seems to be a common theme in this series, and as nice as Park can draw action Suh appears to often want to hint at a story but never really gets to it. You know the Peigenz have unique abilities but they are never really explained: Mayo is on her cell phone a lot (??); Pailong is strong (??); at least Monk's was revealed with some detail when he teleported matter (Jay) to the top of the Statue of Liberty. There is something out their called MAGO, that comes up and is quickly forgotten. Maybe I am over-analyzing it, but at times I felt as lost as Jay says she is. Maybe that's what Suh wants readers of this title to feel... Well, the Peigenz are a secretive agency, so maybe there is something to that.

As fun as Peigenz can be it is progressing at a glacier's pace. Moving from a tangent to another, the characters do not get time to develop and the format is starting to become almost episodic. In a way it reminds me of another title I liked for partly for superficial reasons and partly because it had potential - RED Prowling Devil. Peigenz has great art (and the fanservice has taken a step-up in this volume), plus Park has a talent for action scenes, so there is plenty of eye candy (something that RED was well known for). RED also had a great fun cast and the concept is great, but the writing was not thought through well. Peigenz at this point suffers from poor direction and while it is entertaining I hope Peigenz is able to get on track and have an actual plot, which is something RED never had.


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