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Mania Grade: C+

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  • Art Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Infinity Studios LLC
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 1-58899-017-6
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Left to Right

Peigenz Vol. #03

By Eduardo M. Chavez     January 01, 2005
Release Date: September 13, 2004

Peigenz Vol.#03
© Infinity Studios LLC

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Suh Gwong-hyun / Park Sung-woo
Translated by:Je-wa Jeong
Adapted by:

What They Say
With all the action going down in N.O.A. City, Peigenz field agents never can seem to get R & R. Soon after the Quasar incident, Peigenz receives an anonymous tip of an imminent heist attempt.

Who are these thieves to be, why are they after the relic, and what’s does all this have to do with Pairon? Join Jay and her crew as they’re put in charge of security for this mysterious relic which could possibly change the future of mankind!

The Review
The packaging for this series is pretty simple but still nice. ComicsOne and Infinity Studios present this in a B6, in left-to-right format. The front cover features new comical relief character Char So in front of what appears to be a Korean map. Why he gets to be on the cover now is beyond me, and why the map? Any who, this piece was used for the original Korean cover so I am not complaining. The opposite cover has a random image of a super-deformed character, lord knows whom, giving the peace sign. Very strange.

I have seen three different logos for this title around the net. The first is in Korean, while the other two were in English. One has the title spelled "Pagans" in what appears to be cutout lettering, the other, which is on this cover, is spelled Peigenz in verdana font. Really simple but I guess the weird spelling makes it cool. The printing is good; if I were to compare it with other ComicsOne titles, it is definitely better than most.

This volume is the start of a new extra called the N.O.A. Times, which recaps the concepts of this sci-fi action comedy drama with religious symbolism manga. I will tell you now, that it could not have come at a better time.

I love Park-sensei's art. Long sharp lines with sometimes have a slightly sketchy feel. Park tends to keep main characters simple, no striking features or intricate costumes. While Park's supporting cast will often have great detail in their facial expressions and physical characteristics. Park also does a good job transitioning characters to SD. The characters keep a general look while their faces mainly bug out into cute or funny expressions. The fan service keeps on takes a break this volume... However, Park still kept the mandatory random shirt explosion for you fan boys out there.

I noted in the review for the first volume how poor Park is at times with backgrounds. I noticed that towards the end of this volume Park begins to use digital images for background art. They look funny with the hand-drawn characters in front of them but they definitely fill a job that was missing. After seeing this in its early stages I wonder how much Park will use this and how the art overall will improve (if at all) with this technique. The layout on the other hand is pretty fancy and keeps up the action very well.

The translation reads much better than the first volume. Issues with typos and syntax that ComicsOne is infamous for are gone. I hope they keep that up.

SFX are really nice. SFX are subbed with translations that are smaller than the original to preserve Park's nice art. With all of the action in this series, seeing small subs is a perfect way to keep readers into the art and not frustrated by clutter.

Another day, another crime to prevent in NOA city. Jay might be getting accustomed to her new environment by now, but there are still new experiences that redefine her image of the Peigenz.

Crisis management has been the norm for most of her assignments up to date. Now, she will be doing protection for the private sector. Intelligence has found that a current agent of the Peigenz is involved in the planning of a curious heist. Mutants are conspiring to steal what appears to be a random item with an unknown motive. With so many unknown variables, this case has become one of the highest priorities and one that is raising concerns amongst the unit. This will truly evolve into a major test of teamwork and cooperation. Jay just hopes she does not die before it is over.

To make things go smoother the gang has been split into two teams. The groups may appear to be random, but they have been put together for an ulterior motive. To maximize efficiency and to determine the strengths of the individuals that make up the team, these groups should easily complete the mission with very little effort. Some would expect the event to be completed with very little use for special ability (once again to promote efficiency). In New York, I mean NOA City nothing is that easy though; so, this cakewalk will soon turn into a full-blown melee.

Volume one introduced readers to the world of Peigenz and it also presented some history, which has been ignored since. Volume two expanded the Peigenz team, bringing in new abilities and new characters into the fold. Everything has been rather episodic so far with signs of a plot but the threads of continuity are weak. Volume three goes on another tangent and introduces even more characters. This is not a complete loss as the whole volume is the start of what appears to be an arc that might begin to shed light onto the creation of mutations. It also begins to tie in the very start of the manga, the short but strange religious part that has not made sense since. The connection is rather vague - they are both religious (albeit but very fictitious. Tie in some real history for more credibility!) - but it is the only thing I can put hope on for a plot.

I still do not know where Peigenz is going. There really is no plot and what appears to be character development is often tossed out the door at the end of every chapter. There is no personality for most of the cast. The lead character Jay is empty and dull. Pairon is getting some work but Suh-sensei has purposely made Pairon cold and reclusive so he is annoying. The rest of the cast is much more entertaining but they are essentially there for filler. Most importantly, after three volumes I am starting to grow tired of waiting for some good writing. Heck I would possibly like some action (Park has done some good action in other titles), but that has been missing, as well.

In the end, Peigenz is getting harder and harder to recommend. It is fun, but empty. It looks nice, but it has little substance. It has potential, but it never advances itself. It is just stagnant and there are more than enough titles out there like that right now.


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