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Peter Laird clarifies the 'TMNT' movie picture

    September 10, 2008

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' creator Peter Laird enters the ping pong match of rumors surround the next film in the franchise.

To recap recent events: Kevin Eastman made a public post about the next movie being a live-action movie (although Eastman has long since sold off his rights to the Turtles and wouldn't be directly involved in any future films). Then on his blog, Steven Murphy (who is involved with the Turtle brand) called the story "nonsense and entirely untrue." The post mysteriously disappeared from Eastman's message boards and Eastman posted an apology to the folks at Mirage.

MTV Splash Page sat down with Laird to sort through the misinformation and get down to the truth, which is that Eastman was half-right and his story was not entirely untrue.

"I can confirm that we have had several meetings with very interested people, and I think we are pretty close to making a deal. As owner of the 'TMNT' property, I want to be the first to announce it at a time of my choosing," Laird said responding to the leaks that Eastman had made.

However, is the movie live-action or will it follow the successful CGI reinvention of last year? It turns out...a little of both.

"As it stands now, there is no intention of doing another live-action film like the first three, with actors and stuntmen in actual Turtle suits, contrary to what was said by Kevin," Laird said. "We have pretty much decided that the next 'TMNT' movie should be what we’ve been calling a 'hybrid' — that is to say, live-action humans and sets combined with very realistic CGI Turtles (and possibly some other CGI characters)."

As far as Eastman's contention that the new movie would be a 'Batman Begins' style reboot?

"The storyline for this new 'hybrid' movie has not been settled on yet. We’re still batting some different ideas around," Laird told MTV. "The sky’s the limit. My preference would be a story which fits into TMNT movie continuity in some way. But nothing has been decided."

The villain may be the Shredder, but Laird said he's excited about creating some new villains. With the "hybrid" model in place he hopes to have flesh and blood actors playing April O'Neal and Casey Jones.

"I think Chris Evans and Sarah Michelle Gellar did wonderful work voicing the Casey and April characters in the recent CGI 'TMNT' movie, and I think it would be really cool if we could get them to reprise those roles, but this time 'in the flesh.' I think that might be the first time something like that has happened," Laird said.

Click through to the complete interview for lots of Turtle-rific insights.

Should the next Ninja Turtles movie be live-action, CGI or hybrid? Which villains should appear? Post your comments below!


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