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Peter Laird Talks TMNT Projects

TURTLES co-creator gives out info about the upcoming movie and TV series.

By Frank Kurtz     July 16, 2001
Source: Comics2Film

The TURTLES return to their comic book roots in the upcoming CGI feature
© 2001 Mirage Studios

In a recent posting on the official TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURLES website [], co-creator Peter Laird touches upon a number of aspects of the franchise's future forays into film and television.

When asked if he would be involved in the potential John Woo movie script, Laird says, "I will be working with the writers on the movie plot and I expect to do some tweaking of the script." Laird also noted that he had bought out Kevin Eastman's interest in the TURTLES, and that his old partner would not be participating creatively in projects to come.

When asked about who will be writing the movie script, Laird answers, "Right now, we're in the initial stages of putting together the writing teams for both projects, but it's too early to announce any names. There may be some crossover between the writers for the movie and the TV show."

Speaking of the TV show, would the CG TURTLES have the same voices as those in the original cartoon series? Laird answers, saying, "As of right now, no. We may look into getting some of the former TMNT voice talent back for these new projects, but we haven't decided that yet. I'm actually thinking that new voice actors might be a good idea, to inject some fresh energy into the movie and TV."

Laird also touched upon what characters will be -- and won't be -- a part of the coming projects, saying, "Rest assured, as long as I am alive and in charge of this ship of Turtles, Venus DeMilo, the female Turtle, will NEVER again appear in any Mirage-approved TMNT project, unless it is a book about the history of the TMNT property and it is necessary to refer to her as an undeniable part of that history. She is GONE. However, the Shredder will be back, as will April and Casey and hopefully a whole bunch of other characters from the Mirage TMNT comic universe. For example, in this short pilot clip we already have, in addition to the Shredder, April and Casey, there are the Shredder's Elite Guard, the Foot soldiers, Triceratons and Mousers (albeit a new and creepier version of the Mousers). I would love to see Leatherhead, Rat King, Savanti Romero, Stainless Steve Steel and the Justice Force and the Fugitoid, among others, in the new show. We'll see!"


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