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Pfeiffer: "it's fun to be bad"

    July 19, 2007

At 49, Michelle Pfeiffer still looks radiant, with an agelessness so rare amongst her contemporaries. Intensely picky about her work, she seemed to have opted for semi-retirement but has bounced back with key roles in two distinctive films: as the racist comic villainess in the musical film Hairspray, and as a witch in the upcoming fantasy epic Stardust. Pfeiffer is a bitch in Hairspray and a witch in her next film, the fantasy Stardust and the actress clearly revels in being bad. "Yeah it's fun to be bad, because we don't get that permission in life." While Pfeiffer was wary about being over-the-top in Hairspray, she didn't have the same reservations about playing a 5000-year old witch in Stardust. "Matthew [Vaughan] had this idea to take it and it really wasn't kind of scripted, but explore themes of women, aging, our perceptions of beauty and our obsession with eternal youth and somehow incorporating that into this character who, again, is ancient beyond any reasonable amount of time. Of course because it's a movie, it's not a realistic degree but the degree to which women will go to, in order to have eternal youth and poke fun at it really. So as scary as she is, it's something silly and poking fun at that." Pfeiffer does in fact age beyond recognition in Stardust, and recalls how she felt as she watched that process unfold. "It sort of ages in stages and there's one point I'm completely encased and truly like 5,000 years old. I'm the oldest thing you've ever seen, but up until that point I'm slowly aging and there's one point where half my face is my face and the other half is aged. That was the freakiest one for me, because I could really see me at a hundred years old and that was disturbing." More...


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