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Phantasy Star Online 2 monthly pricing revealed

If you want to play the new one, you're going to pay

By James Stevenson     July 16, 2001
Source: Sega of America

SEGA OF AMERICA announced today its monthly pricing plans for PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2. The game will hit stores on September 11th, but there will be a fee to play the game online.

Players can enjoy the full game for the cost of $15 for three months of unlimited access or can play the game offline for free. The original PHANTASY STAR ONLINE will continue to be free for online play. SEGANET subscribers will also be required to pay the additional fee. Gamers who decide to not pay the fee and just play offline will miss out on some quests and items.

SEGA has not announced the price of the disc yet, as several options are still being considered (we'd guess it'll be priced in the $25-30 range).


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