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bryan d hayes
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May 7, 2009
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January 7, 2013
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born july 1st 1969, kid in the 70's teen in the 80's great time to be around, grew up reading comicbooks, watching great tv, getting great toys. 70's i had bigjim, planet of the apes, swat, gi joe, super heroes, lone ranger,star trek, universal monsters, six million dollar man. 80's knight rider, airwolf, mask , gi joe, eagle force, super heroes, clash of the titans, indiana jones, flash gordon. i was the kid that had all the cool toy guns in the neighbor hood,i made my own costumes, i made a batman costume, in the 70's upgraded it in the 80's, zorro, made a captain america .costume from the tv movies with motor cycle helmet. stayed up late watched monster movies, watched night gallery late nites on tbs, cbs syndicated late night the new avengers, monty python, dave allen at large.. the saint, listened to old time radio, had a nice collection of tapes, my fave 80's shows, knight rider, dukes of hazzard, airwolf, street hawk, automan, magnum pi, sable, miami vice, blue thunder, highwayman, stingray. 70's six million dollar man, gemini man, man from atlantis, sword of justice, the hulk, spiderman, wonder woman, man called sloane, night stalker... 90's the pretender, cobra, x-files, swift justice, now and again!! i have a large collection of paperback books, mens adventure that i have collected for about 30 some years, the executioner, nick carter killmaster, death merchant, the penetrator, the specialist, plus tv tie in books, the equalizer, street hawk, knight rider, a-team, six million dollar man, doc savage, the avenger, the shadow, the spider, big collection of james bond!! the phantom, the spirit!!! not to mention comic books!!! i also was the neighborhood james bond and i made my own gadgets and did outlandish stunts, i made a parachute out of a swimming pool cover that worked the one time i needed it to playing james bond carried me to safety, hd my own grappleing belt used it alot, a pen that shot tiny non lethal darts for play!!!
Charleston, WV United States
dunbar high school
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
blade runner, buckaroo banzai, escape from newyork!
Favorite Horror Movie:
Favorite Genre TV Show:
street hawk, knight rider, stingray 80's, sable, automan, the equalizer, airwolf!!
Favorite Anime:
golgo 13
Favorite Comic Book:
the batman, the shadow, the phantom, doc savage, the avenger!!
Favorite Manga, Book, or Graphic Novel:
lupin the 3rd
Favorite Video Game:
Must Have DVD:
complete airwolf, mission impossible 88!! six million dollar man,


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phantomx69 1/19/2010 10:09:28 AM

what about  the pretender, swift justice, streethawk, and sable.....  vengeance unlimited  was also a good show.....  i would even say stingray as well not the british tv series but the 80s one with nick mancusso....

pilgram 3/12/2010 2:33:27 PM

Checking random profiles finds yours and some kick ass shows. Pretender was good, Swift Justice didn't get any for the time but had strong work in it, and Vengeance Unlimited is a personal favorite. Nice list here. The fact that you remember Stingray is awesome. I watched every episode on first airing and still love them. Must say you have good taste sir.

phantomx69 11/9/2011 9:15:54 AM

i have stingray  on dvd!!!!



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