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Eldogg42 2/3/2014 8:53:41 AM

I agree with guys above, this sucks for the family.  My wife had a brother die early. Although it wasn't an overdose, he died due to drugs.  Silently, I knew its only a matter of time before drugs do in junkies. Being a father, I don't see how you can't use taht as the biggest reason to quit and stay clean.  Unfortunately, most junkies have kids that they are gonna leave behind.

VTGamehendge 2/3/2014 9:55:13 AM

As someone who has dealt with addiction personally and known others who have as well, it's very difficult to explain to those who have never experienced it.  It LITERALLY takes control of your life, so I'm not suprised to hear that he was getting high before picking up his kids.  Eventually you get to the point where you can't function normally throughout the day without the drug.  I know.  I've been there.  Again, it's not something that can be explained to someone who has never experienced it.  Addiction is just such a destructive and engulfing demon.  I'm not gonna call it a disease because I also believe it's not a disease, and I've dealt with it. 

That being said, I don't feel sorry for him.  He chose to start using again.  I do feel bad for his family and friends and I'm sad that we'll never get to see him work again.  But in no way will I ever feel sympathy for him.  Maybe in some way I feel sorry for his tortured soul, but that's as far as I go.  R.I.P.

karas1 2/3/2014 10:03:10 AM

To lose a loved one from any cause is hard.  I feel bad for his family and friends.

But I don't think it's as simple as some of you guys are saying.  Just Say No doesn't work because these drugs change your brain chemistry.  It's not a disease, but it's not just a failure of willpower either.

The only way to win is not to start in the first place.  But once you HAVE started it takes far more to resist.

Higgy 2/3/2014 11:01:06 AM

Amazing actor but agree with the rest of you.  Sad he had to die this way.  I feel bad for his family as well.  He will be missed.

lazarus 2/3/2014 11:53:41 AM

As always kids learn from your role models. Drugs are bad. No matter what the popular opinion wants you to believe. Medicine is different than drugs, medicine is used to treat an illness or condition, drugs is when it is used to treat an addiction. Find things to fill your life with out drugs. I prefer sex and violence myself.

It is really hard to OD on shagging. I guess you suffocate but that is only if your are David Carradine.

And yeah I come from a family of addicts. I decided never to start down that road because it always arrives at the same destination.

Chopsaki 2/3/2014 12:55:10 PM


Wiseguy 2/3/2014 2:19:06 PM

My general feeling on addiction is that it's usually someone with no will power, self control, selfish and full of self pity who doesn't think how their actions affect others but only think of themselves.

Whether it be drugs, alcohol or even food as you can see on those shows about obese people. They all feel their problems or desires trump everything else

Like it's been mentioned already it's their surviving family and friends that end up suffering and having to pick up the pieces.

karas1 2/3/2014 6:25:45 PM

Wise, I don't think it's that simple.  Doing drugs is so obviously a bad choice that so many smart, capable people wouldn't do it if it was.  Drugs, alchohol, tobacco, gambling, all these things can ruin or end your life.  Nobody would mess with these things if it was as easy as saying "I dont think I want to do this today."

VTGamehendge 2/3/2014 8:11:13 PM

I can certainly understand where Wiseguy is coming from.  But for a lot of us it starts as just hanging out with friends and having a good time or starting on pain pills for medical reasons.  For me it was a combination of both.  I'm not going to make excuses for myself or anyone else.  But at the same time, it's not always black and white.  Hoffman sounds like he started using a long time ago as an escape.  But one thing that happens with recovering addicts like myself (and I've slipped up a few times, but thankfully never actually relapsed) is that many think after they've been clean for a year or two or even a decade or more that they can have a good time one night and catch a buzz and that'll be it.  The problem with that (and again, I know from personal experience) is after having been addicted in the past, the next day you feel like absolute Hell; both physically and mentally.  And you know that all it takes to fix that is $20 and a phone call and you think that'll be it.  Like taking care of a hangover.  But then it snowballs.  One day becomes two, becomes a week, becomes a month, and next thing you know you're back in that downward spiral.

Again, look at what I said in my previous comment about Hoffman.  I don't feel sorry him because he chose to use again so he did it to himself.  But at the same time addiction is NEVER black and white.  His story sounds like it started as an escape years ago, but some people's addictions start out much more innocently.  I just felt like I needed to chime with my personal experiences.  

domino2008 2/3/2014 8:16:52 PM

Many People died the same way , everday , He claim to be on the wagon for 20 yrs. Many addicts when the relapse think they still handle what they did years ago an OD. He was a good Actor an Oscar Winner, but  addicts fight everyday to stay clean .  The sad thing is that He had 2 Kids an  with that   was a very good reason to stay clean, but He was too selfish to see. 

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