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Photo: 100-foot tall Silver Surfer in London Eye wheel

By Rob M. Worley     June 13, 2007

Variety reports that Fox has placed a 100 foot tall replica of the Silver Surfer inside the London Eye wheel to promote 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'.

Under cover of darkness, construction workers busily erected a gleaming 100-foot mesh replica of the Silver Surfer comicbook character on the wheel, which is 450 feet high. Result was unveiled Monday, four days before the pic bows in Blighty.

But don't expect the Eye to become a regular clothes peg for giant PVC movie characters central to summer tentpoles.

"Nothing has ever been attached to the construction of the observation wheel like this before, and it may never again. We do not want to dilute the impact of our partnership with Fox by repeating the feat until at least 2012," a London Eye rep told Daily Variety.

Fox teamed with London Eye brass from as early as storyboard meetings. Why the Eye? In a scene in the film, the Silver Surfer threatens the Eye, the world's tallest observation wheel and one of London's key tourist attractions, and the Fantastic Four save the day.


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