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Pick an Achievement for New PERSIA

Ubisoft is having a competition for you fans.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 20, 2008

"Empress of Time" from the Prince of Persia series.
© Ubisoft
The developers over at Ubisoft are throwing a cool little contest over at their official website for Prince of Persia, a next generation reworking of their best selling video game series. Basically, if you head here, you Xbox 360ers can choose which achievement you want to be featured for the game before it goes on sale August 15, 2008. The contest ends July 1.

Here's the three achievements to choose from:

Achievement 1 - Longest grip fall
Free fall:
Perform the longest grip fall in the game.

Achievement 2 - Marathon
Run Prince run! Run the whole map then keep running.

Achievement 3 - Combo specialist
Combat king:
Master every fight combo in the game.

Ubisoft will also have another surprise or two for PS3ers as well with it likely being either trophy room bonuses or extra DLC.


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