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Pick of the Week for 01/06/2009

By Chris Beveridge     January 06, 2009

Lucky Star Vol. #5 Limited Edition
© Bandai Entertainment

The first release week of the year has a lot of things coming out that are competing with each other and the competition was prety fierce. The main titles that wanted the spot was the new Gurren Lagann Part 2 titles and the second half of Ouran Host Club. But the power of cute compelled some votes out of people and Lucky Star Vol. #5 took the nod by a fair number of votes in a very vote heavy week:

Blue Dragon Vol. #3 2 1.12%
Eden's Bowy Collection 1 0.56%
Gurren Lagann Part 2 (bilingual - regular edition) 27 15.08%
Gurren Lagann Part 2 (bilingual - limited edtiton) 33 18.44%
Hell Girl Season 1 Box Set 12 6.70%
Lucky Star Vol. #5 (regular edition) 50 27.93%
Lucky Star Vol. #5 (limited edition) 48 26.82%
Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness 14 7.82%
Naruto Vol. #31 0 0%
Ouran High School Host Club Season 1 Part 2 73 40.78%


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