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Pics from the "Lady Shiva" episode of BIRDS OF PREY

An old enemy returns to New Gotham for Batgirl

By Jennifer H. Tomooka     November 27, 2002
Source: WB

Here are the latest pictures from BIRDS OF PREY.

A thief -- Lady Shiva (Sung Hi Lee), whom Barbara (Dina Meyer) thought dead -- returns to New Gotham. She is on the hunt for Batgirl and like Barbara, she has also gone through some changes. Instead of burgling, Lady Shiva now has a taste for murder. Helena (Ashley Scott) renews a friendship from high school, but how long will the friendship last once she discovers that her new friend is Shiva's alter ego?

The episode airs November 27.

Click on the images below for a closer look at "Lady Shiva."

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