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Pink Panther Returns to Big Screen

No the Cartoon

By Robert T. Trate     March 31, 2014
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Pink Panther will return to the big screen
It looks as if another classic cartoon character is going to make the leap to the big screen. MGM is reviving The Pink Panther with Simpson’s director David Silverman at the helm. The Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive story.

MGM is hoping to introduce The Pink Panther to a whole new generation of moviegoers with a live-action/animation hybrid feature that will focus not on the classic character of inspector Jacques Clouseau but rather on the animated pink feline that appeared in the original movies’ opening credits”.

The Simpson’s connections don’t stop there as Michael Price (co-executive producer of The Simpson's) is currently in talks to write the screenplay. 

So what will the story be about with no Inspector Clouseau?

“The new story will be an international jewel heist caper movie. The Panther will not speak (as in the early shorts) and Clouseau will not appear at all (he does, however, exist in the movie’s mythology). Yes, the Mancini score will be used”.

Until recently I thought that this character was from another time and kids wouldn’t connect. I saw my best friends kids loving the box set over the holidays and they were completely enthralled. Their father was surprised how violent the show was though. Thankfully, his kids know the difference between cartoons and the real world. 

This could be the fun cool hip thing it was back in the sixties. No release date has been given yet. 
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FerretJohn 3/31/2014 5:30:04 PM

 Oh thank God!  I saw the title and was afraid Steve Martin was making a sequal.  As for this, ehh.  I was never a fan of the cartoon, and as all the classics I remember were silent shorts I can't imagine how it'd work on a full-length movie.

Wiseguy 4/1/2014 6:57:55 AM

 LOVED this toon as a kid. 

Of course the Inspector episodes were probably the funniest and Ant and Aardvark were pretty good too. The latter were like a version of Wyle E Coyote and Road Runner

wrrlykam 4/1/2014 8:29:11 AM

Wow, I've never seen a panther so pink!

ElBaz13 4/1/2014 10:20:40 AM

Loved this toon as a kid.

I bought the box set and my kids loved them as well. They will be excited.



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