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karas1 5/22/2011 5:47:31 PM

I saw Pirates 4 and loved it.  I can't imagine anybody being bored by the film.  It was non stop action.  Of course I love the character of Captain Jack Sparrow.  The cross and double cross seemed natural between all the pirates.  And you've got to love those mermaids, really super!

Glad to have seen the back of Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly.  Their characters wore out their welcome after the first film.

I'm not surprised that Fast Five is making so much money.  It's just a very enttertaining film, a popcorn cruncher in every sense of the word.

SarcasticCaveman 5/22/2011 6:29:56 PM

 I saw it tonight...thought it was just okay, but that is a HUGE step up from the previous 2 films.  What the hell is up with the excessive weirdness for weirdness' sake?

Bryzarro 5/22/2011 6:42:16 PM

 So I took the wife Saturday so she could see Thor and today we saw Fast 5 (Twice for me)  SHe loved both.  I was happy because all she kept wanting to know was more about Thor!  She didn't enjoy the ending but I had to explain to her they had leave it like that for sequels.  

I think Thor's numbers are great.  We avoided Pirates as the line ups were insane and stupid.  maybe in a couple weeks.

wessmith1966 5/22/2011 8:31:59 PM

@ wiseguy...Bridesmaids was great. After it was over my girlfriend had commented that there was finally a comedy for women that had a good "raunch factor." I thought Melissa McCarthy stole that movie. I couldn't stop laughing at her, especially in the dress shop.

@ karas1...Glad to see you liked the film, and for all the reasons I didn't. I really wanted to like the film, just couldn't get into it. I do agree with the mermaids. If I could find one of them I'd stick her in my parent's water garden with the huge goldfish! You're not tired of Sparrow's antics? I guess they've just gotten old for me.

SarcasticCaveman 5/22/2011 8:47:03 PM

 wessmith1966 - Melissa McCarthy driving the van full of puppies away from the bridal shower cracked me up beyond reason.

TheMovieGuy28 5/22/2011 8:53:29 PM

Karas, you can stop imagining-I was officially bored SEVERAL times during the film. In fact, after my 4th yawn, I started counting, and got off 9 before the film was over. I told someone on fb that this movie was the this joke.....you'll see why

Let me tell you the tale of Cheech & Chong....

One day, Cheech & Chong are walking down the street, when Cheech spot what looks like a pile of shet on the ground.

"Whoa man! Chong, that looks like dogshet, but I'm not sure!"

"Hey I got an idea man," says Chong, as he bends down and picks up the pile of shet. Feeling the texture, Chong remarks, "well, it certainly feels like shet, but I'm not sure man."

"No man you gotta smell it!," bellows Cheech, as he sticks his nose right in the shet to get a big whiff. "I dunno man, it kinda smells like shet but I'm not sure. What should we do?"

At this point, Chong has an epiphany.

"I know how to tell! Let's take a bite of it, then we'll know for sure!". So, splitting the gooey mess in half, they both take a big bite of it, immediately spitting out out in disgust and wiping their tongues.

Chong turns to Cheech and says "Heey man, you were right! That was dogshet!"

to which Cheech says....

"Yeah I know! I'm so glad we didn't step in it!!!!"

Pirates 4 was the pile of dogshet that we all saw coming, yet some of us decided to pick it up and eat it anyway, knowing what it was.

Everything Wise said was spot on. The action just felt weak, staged, and slow. I mean it's a carriage, not a car. Just shoot the horse.

Blackbeard was such a waste. Not scary at all, just a mean looking pirate. I mean, honestly, if Blackbeard is the pirate all other pirates fear, wtf was he during the previous films, especially when Davey Jones was the #1 pirate freakout? I love Ian McShane, but he was given nothing, did nothing, and can't hold a tentacle to Davey Jones.

Geof. Rush was hamming it up, but he's always been having as much fun as everyone else. But you could have completely, completely, did I say COMPLETELY, eliminated the Spanish and it would have done nothing to the film.

As for preacher boy and mergirl........so this convicted man of God falls in love with a beast? Ha, that's against the rules.....and also, not to drop a major spoiler, but during the end, someone gets poked, and decides to go somewhere that was like seemingly a half day or day away. How the heck did they get to this spot within the time of the last action sequence?

This movie had no story, no flow, no feeling. It was just something there, designed to take money. What a waste with so much talent involved. Like someone here mentioned, if they make a sequel, take some notes from Fast Five. I was more entertained during that than this, and probably Thor as well. You just can't beat seeing Vin Diesel and the Rock kick the crap out of each other

SarcasticCaveman 5/22/2011 9:05:18 PM

"I saw Pirates 4 and loved it. I can't imagine anybody being bored by the film. It was non stop action."

So you love it for the same reason you hated Star Trek?


TheMovieGuy28 5/22/2011 9:13:11 PM

@ Sarcastic.....hahahah....


two things also-honestly, I missed Kiera Knightly's fiestiness. People call Mr. Ed Fiesty because she's espanol, but if you were to take the same two actresses, and put them in the role of Domino, you believe Knightly, you wouldn't believe Mr. Ed.

to touch on the replacement Will&Swan, the Godboy & Mergirl were boring as all heck. There was nothing there in terms of spark. Was flatter than an ethiopian's chest.


(please note-if there are any ethiopians here, or if you know of one, I apologize as the joke was made in a stereotypical jest. No true harm or insult was meant from it. If it wasn't flat, it was as inflated as a samoan's chest, but then I'd be upsetting samoans. They are big. Ethiopians are small. I'll take my chances. Again though, apologies)

cinefan 5/22/2011 10:00:00 PM

Saw Pirates 4 and was not overly impressed, but did like the fact that the storyline was not as complicated as the last 2 (which I did not like)  I did like the first Pirates movie, but (I'm sure many will disagree) it didn't blow me away.

Probably the biggest surprise for me so far was how much I liked Fast Five. I have seen all of them and only really liked the first one. I think Lin finally got it right this time with more real practical effects instead of CGI as well as The Rock as the new blood and a slightly different direction for the series in terms of the heist angle to it.

I think X-men First Class will do well (won't be huge) and looking forward to Super 8, Transformers (I think will be the biggest films) and with reserve The Thing prequel (HUGE J.C. The Thing fan)

Also really liked Thor!

krathwardroid 5/23/2011 1:12:33 AM

wessmith1966: Well, it is Captain Jack Sparrow, after all. Did you get tired of Indiana Jones? Tell me you didn't like that waterfall scene with the doll. His wittiness still works for me. I think this was merely a readjustment phase from the last movie. Everyone will be fine by the fifth film in the series.

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