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spiderhero 6/18/2010 4:03:50 AM

I hope this one can recapture the fun of the first one. 2 & 3 were just meh.

Calibur454 6/18/2010 6:03:47 AM

no costume photos yet :((

Hobbs 6/18/2010 7:04:24 AM

I thought the 2nd one was a lot of fun.  The 3rd one to me was kinda meh.  This new one is just a cash cow for them.  I really dont expect much from it. 

therockdltj 6/18/2010 7:49:53 AM

i loved the first 3 movies and can't wait for the 4th movie!

fft5305 6/18/2010 8:54:36 AM

I didn't realize they were into filming already. I have high hopes but low expectations for this.  Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I agree with spiderhero's opinions on the first three movies.

krathwardroid 6/18/2010 8:56:36 AM

Aww, I was hoping for cast in full costume pictures.

And do we have to keep rehashing that the second and third Pirates films were "meh" or "so so" or "just downright awful"? I like all the movies, but just got sick of the Will and Elizabeth characters after the first movie. This one will do nicely. I'm glad Penelope Cruz is here this time. She adds a nice flare to a Jack Sparrow love interest, more so than Keira Knightley did.

For a second I thought Rob Marshall had two arms on his right side in that first pic. :P

Whiskeymovie 6/18/2010 9:14:28 AM

The thing about the second and third one is that you really need to watch them back to back,,,,,there are soooo many twists and turns, it is hard to keep it straight,,,but once you "get it", the movies are actually amazing.....I soooo can't wait for this...although, I do wish Gore Verbinski was coming back to direct

lracors 6/18/2010 11:40:17 AM

i enjoyed all three for what they were, pure escapist entertainment.  I'm sure i will enjoy this one as well... why the knightley hate?  It's not her fault that they made her to be (somehow) physically stronger then 10 men in the third film.  Anyway... I am much more excited to see Penelope Cruz!

krathwardroid 6/18/2010 5:47:34 PM

No hate for Keira Knightley here. I think she's adorable. I just got tired of the Will and Elizabeth characters. They had significance in the first movie, but felt out of place and wandering aimlessly in the second and third movies. And yes, Elizabeth was doing things no mortal woman probably should have been doing in the second and third movies. :P Personally, I think Elizabeth had better chemistry with Jack Sparrow than she did with Will. Whenever she was with Will she acted like she had no idea why she was in love with him but that she was just in love with him and had to play her part. It's good to see a new love interest for Jack; maybe one he can actually pursue a meaningful relationship with. That is, if you can define what a meaningful relationship is for a pirate. :P

almostunbiased 6/18/2010 7:54:18 PM

Wow these pictures were great . . . . . . NOT!

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