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littlemikey979 6/18/2010 9:52:56 PM

I am with you biased, not the type of pics we were all hoping for but at least things are moving along with the movie, should be pretty good i hope

FerretJohn 6/19/2010 11:48:02 AM

I had no problem with the first three, they were all great movies, very fun entertainment.  And the haters of Knightly and Bloom can keep on hating, nobody cares about their opinion, certainly noty the VAST majority of movie goers who did love them.  My only concern about number 4 is that it is number 4, just how long can they keep milking this machine?

goldenkey 6/19/2010 3:02:16 PM

I liked all three movies.  good fun. 

goldenkey 6/19/2010 3:02:19 PM

I liked all three movies.  good fun. 

InnerSanctum 6/19/2010 9:29:26 PM

 Boring set photos, but I'm crossing my fingers that this is better than 2 and 3.  I thought there was just too much going on in those films.  I enjoyed the first film and I actually could have stood a straight pirate movie without the supernatural elements.  Depp and Rush were enough...you didn't need curses, monsters and skeletons.  

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