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Doctor Who Specials and Theatrical Events

What the BBC has planned!

By Robert T. Trate     July 31, 2014
Source: BBC

PETER CAPALDI is now Doctor Who
Are you ready for the next chapter of Doctor Who to begin? BBC and BBC America are planning some special events to welcome the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, into the TARDIS. First up there will be a Live Pre-Show and Post-Show Hosted by Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist) on BBC AMERICA on August 23rd. The BBC is also planning 12 midnight theatrical events in 12 cities on August 23 as well. There will also be over 550 Theaters screening the premiere of the first episode, “Deep Breath”, across the U.S. on August 25th. Check out the press release below for details. Mania will be bringing you reviews of the new Doctor’s adventures every week!. 

Press Release: It’s a new beginning for the iconic series that explores all of space and time, as award-winning actor Peter Capaldi takes on the role of the mysterious time traveler, the Doctor. BBC AMERICA will launch Peter Capaldi’s first season of Doctor Who with special programming on the channel and theatrical events across the country with Fathom Events. The new season of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, August 23, 8:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.
Announced today, comedian and Doctor Who superfan Chris Hardwick will host Doctor Who: Live Pre-Show at 7:30pm ET and Doctor Who:After Who Live at 11:00pm ET following the premiere of Intruders on August 23. The pre-show and post-show will feature an array of guests in the studio including writer and actor Mark Gatiss along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.
Doctor Who’s feature-length season premiere episode, Deep Breath, is a pulse-racing adventure through Victorian London. Directed by Ben Wheatley and written by Steven Moffat, the episode stars Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara Oswald, Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra, Catrin Stewart as Jenny Flint and Dan Starkey as Strax.
In the lead up to Doctor Who’s new season, BBC AMERICA will premiere a series of specials including Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion on Saturday, August 16, 9:00pm ET followed by The Real History of Science Fiction: Time at 10:00pm ET and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord on Monday, August 18, 10:00pm ET. The Doctor Who Takeover Week marathon will kick off Monday, August 18, 8:00am ET. Starting August 6, will give fans a chance to vote for their favorite Doctor Who episodes - the top selections of this “Make Your Own Sunday” poll will run in a BBC AMERICA marathon on Sunday, August 24.
Theatrical Events Across the U.S. - August 23 and August 25
Announced today, BBC AMERICA and Fathom Events are teaming up again for two days of theatrical screening events of Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath in the U.S. This electrifying episode will be shown in select cinemas across the U.S. and will also include 15 minutes of cinema exclusive bonus content.
On Saturday, August 23 at midnight, there will be 12 theatrical events in 12 cities at 12am/midnight to celebrate the launch of the new season.More information will be announced on August 5 at
On Monday, August 25, the celebration goes nationwide with two showings at 7:00pm and 9:30pm (local time). The event will be presented in more than 550 select movie theaters around the country through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. Tickets are now available for Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath at participating theater box offices and online at 
For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

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HomestarRunner 7/31/2014 1:26:00 PM

I don't regret driving eight hours in one day to see The Day of the Doctor last November. For me to consider going to this, however, it would need to be playing in a theater within an hour of my home and have a decent ticket price. Neither is the case so I'll just be content to watch it at home and wait for the exclusive content to make its way to YouTube.

almostunbiased 7/31/2014 9:05:24 PM

I'm still not caught up with the last season.  I need to get watching those.  I did see the last 4 or 5 episodes though.

SinisterPryde 7/31/2014 11:53:53 PM

It's playing at a theater just five minutes away but I am not going to spend $12.50 for something I can watch on TV I already pay for.

HomestarRunner 8/1/2014 7:19:06 AM

It comes off as a money grab and kind of takes away from the specialness of the 50th Anniversary special. I hope they don't do this again for a while.

That being said, with regards to the 50th anniversary special, it was quite amazing to be in a room full of Whovians sharing one big nerdgasm after another.



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