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PLANET OF THE APES Prequel Invades Fox

Info revealed while marathon plays on FMC.

By Jarrod Sarafin     November 30, 2008
Source: CHUD

Charlton Heston in PLANET OF THE APES (1968).
© 20th Century Fox

For those of you who have Fox Movie Channel on your cable providers, you probably would have been flipping channels this weekend and seen the channel airing a Planet of the Apes marathon for the past few days. Well, within the space before each of the sequels aired on the channel, 20th Century Fox's Tom Rothman clarified Chud's earlier reports that a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes was in the works.

It seems a new Apes film is indeed being worked on titled Genesis: Apes and it's instead a prequel leading up to the first story. Here's what Rothman had to say on it.

"We are very close at Fox on a new Apes script- this one a kind of prequel story before the first story, with a return to the social thematics that mark the first one, but with an entirely contemporary setting - Earth 2009,"

Check out the full story here.


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Wiseguy 11/30/2008 12:02:40 PM

So we get to see apes learning to speak and open their cages as they evolve. We've seen enough cavemen stories

IMHO I think the original worked for its time but I don't think there's any big enthusiasm amongst the masses for a remake or a continuation of the story. Especially after that subpar remake with Marky-Mark

Of course if they do go ahead I'll keep an open mind about it but right now not excited in the least.

trollman 11/30/2008 12:38:46 PM

I really liked the original Apes Movies.  I was hopeful of the Tim Burton Remake but was rather let down.  This could be very good if it has a good script, gets a great director, attracts some good actors.  It does need to be socially relevant.  that's why the SciFi from the late 60's early 70's worked so well.  Trek and Apes both made social commentary amidst the scifi settings that made us think even if we didn't realize we were thinking.  Hollywood is so against letting us think because then we would realize what they've been feeding us is total tripe.  I'm going to keep a hopeful open mind about this until FOX studio execs screw it up.

mckracken 11/30/2008 1:06:19 PM

heck, any progress on more APES movies would be welcome news. A prequel to Conquest could work, there was such a huge gap between the first and uhh... fourth movie, a prequel would have enough room to breathe without stepping on the toes of either movie. 

sure, Mark Walberg helped make the latest APES disaster, but 99% of the blame goes to Tim Burton's confusing seudo-twist ending at the Lincoln Memorial....along with a host of other problems.

I didnt undersand why a remake (re-imagining) was "needed" at all, they could just create a new APES movie from some of the previous established cannon and move forward from there. its not like the astronaut HAD to be the character established in the original movie.

xenomorph 11/30/2008 1:45:19 PM

mckracken, conquest was the fourth apes movie, not the seconed.

This is a bad idea. the apes series is just fine as it is. First they mess with the day the earth stood still and now this. why can't fox leave well enough alone?

Hobbs 11/30/2008 1:51:49 PM

Money, latest Apes movie made over 300 mil worldwide.

I saw that inbetween thing too on the fox channel and I didn't think twice about it.  Nothing has been greenlit, they are CLOSE on a script which could mean anything seeing they were close on a scrip for Indiana Jones for 15 years and that didn't turn out good for all of us.

I didn't get the impression anything was going to happen, I don't like the approach of 2009 for the script but as that guy said if an apes movie doesn't get made with him then someone after him will probably do it.  Seeing how he produced that mega shit Australia and spent $130 million on it only making 20 this weekend...well, that could be the end of Tommy boy and Apes could end up back in development hell.  That's not a bad place for it, I agree with you xeno, leave these movies alone.  Think of something new to dazzle us with.


kwsupes 11/30/2008 5:07:21 PM

There is no reason to make this movie. The original series served its purpose and had a reason for existing this movie is all about money. I agree with Hobbs go find a new story that is thought provoking in the way Apes once was and do that movie. Stop remaking old scifi movies and make new ones with good stories.

almostunbiased 11/30/2008 6:03:07 PM

I'm confused.  Is this a prequel to the new one or the old one.

samson 11/30/2008 6:09:04 PM

Lord, please. No more prequels to anything, ever again. Do a sequel if you must. Even a reboot is OK. But, I'M SICK OF SEEING PREQUELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrSpiderhead 11/30/2008 6:24:32 PM

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus let this happen!   Come on folks, Planet of the Apes is good stuff and Tim Burton's reimaging aside was a very enjoyable series.  I for one hope this happens, I hope they get a good director and have a good story.  It's sad for me to say, but I haven't really enjoyed a Tim Burton movie since Ed Wood or maybe Mars Attacks!... Planet of the Apes was one of the biggest franchises around.... ... it's only a matter of time before they will do another... same is true for Aliens, Predator, RoboCop, more Star Treks, X-Men, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Child's Play, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, James Bond, Terminator, Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop and so on... .... but maybe this time they'll think about what they are doing... and not just make a pretty popcorn summer movie, but something that deserves to be apart of the POTA canon

mckracken 11/30/2008 7:47:30 PM

almost, as insane as it sounds, I think they're proposing a prequel to the ORIGINAL Conquest of the Apes movie (not Tim burton's) although maybe i'm alone, but i'd love to see a sequel to Tim burton's APES since his ending (theoretically) makes zero sense.

Perhaps its all about making money and not about the creative process but feel free to stay home the night it comes out, I know you'll be just as curious as I am.

I hope (if it gets made) its good.

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