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Planzet 3DCG Anime Gets Subtitled Japanese Release

By Chris Beveridge     June 08, 2010
Source: AnimeOnDVD @ Mania

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The news dropped down this morning via the forums that  AV Watch is reporting that the recent theatrical release in Japan of Planzet will be arriving on DVD and Blu-ray and that both editions will carry English subtitles on them. The Blu-ray edition will be playable in US based machines due to the region coding whereas the DVD likely will be coded just for Japan. The feature was written and directed by Jun Awazu, who was last seen working on the popular and fun Negadon: The Monster From Mars. Plalzet is being billed as a film that's all about the love of special effects as seen in the 20th century.

Plot Summary: (via machine translation!) It's the year 2053. Invasion by a mysterious creature emerged from the universe, the Earth lost a majority of the population. Fail entirely in the human counterattack strategy, beat the final mission in the enemy base Army base in Japan, Mount Fuji, "Z-Plan" is planned.

Akira Shima and his crew of robotic weapons aspirations is ordered to defend the base in this strategy as failure is unacceptable. Before the battle, the families of Koyomi sister alone, and aspirations to Mars evacuate safely. Start the "Z-Plan." But their aspirations before the sortie was an overwhelming number of enemies spread...

Check out the two trailers below from the Japanese theatrical release which occurred on 05/22/2010:



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Muenster 6/8/2010 11:06:22 AM

So, an advanced alien species travels hundreds, if not thousands of light years to destroy Mt. Fuji, and amidst all the utter devastation and ruin they leave behind, one little girl still manages to go to private academy and wear her smartly pressed school uniform every day, so that she can be killed, and her brother can exact revenge on the aliens that caused her death, with come previously unknown technology squirreled for just such an event. I swear, the Japanese just can not help themselevs sometimes. AND someone please tell me, what is the Japanese fascination with girls in mini-skirt school uniforms? Yeah, sure... Some people also groove on that elsewhere in the world, but the Japs have made it into an art form.

Yuck. The character motion really sucks. The kids at my local Art Institute do better than that. The voice acting is horrid, but damn... That is some very good flesh work on the computer models! I'll probably download it, when it comes available to check out the complete finished product though.

The one thing that bugs me about big flying robots with big guns, is recoil. Japanese animators by and large seem to resist and sharply protest Newton's 2nd and 3rd laws of motion. Still, fun to watch though.    



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