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Playing DEAD

Do the zombie shuffle, 'cause the long-awaited RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD DVD is finally here!

By Scott Collura     October 17, 2002

As the DVD format continues to overtake the home video market, certain classic films are inexplicably overlooked in the conversion to the digital medium. Case in point: Amid the undead-like shamble and shuffle of studios to get every Julia Roberts opus out on disc, Dan O'Bannon's beloved 1985 zombie flick THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD has sorely lacked a DVD incarnation.

Until now, that is. After much anticipation, a slew of online campaigns and numerous threats of brain-eating, fans are finally getting what they wanted with this re-mastered version of the film. And as writer-director O'Bannon explains, this DVD incarnation is perhaps the best RETURN has ever looked.

"At the time it was originally released in theaters, I hadn't been allowed to take the color correction of the print or the sound mix as far as I'd wanted to," recalls O'Bannon. "I was sort of midway through and [the producers] just kind of yanked it and it went out like that. And I always found it very aggravating because I knew the film had a better edge to it than people were seeing and hearing on the screen."


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