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wish 2/4/2013 1:53:03 PM

Whatever dudes, tell yourselves whatever you want, my phone has way faster connection speed than the fastest internet in the world 5 years ago, streaming is the future, digital and post physical are the future, I haven't bought a blu ray in over 2 years but do you think I haven't been watching Hi-def?  Of course I have!!  I refuse to watch SD now, I won't even watch old DVD's cuz they look so crappy on HD tv's.  Spinning hard drives are being phased out, spinning disc drives are the biggest waste of battery power facing all manufacturers of laptops. 

therockdltj:  I'm sorry you feel so angered by my prediction, but don't you realize that places like Amazon are famous for buying huge stockpiles of products from manufacturers looking to liquidate outdated technology?  They probably bought a couple thousand VCR's from the last few companies who made them.........because nobody is making them now, that's a guarantee, just like film camera's from Panavision and Sony stopped being produced a few years ago, prompting the documentary "Side by Side" which talks about the death of film and the emergence of digital.  Just because some faceless company sells it doesn't mean that another company is still making them!!! 

DVD's, CD's and Blu Ray's are going away people........I'm not making it happen I'm just calling it so save your anger for the right people........

VinJoy 2/6/2013 12:40:44 AM

Wish, you are saying what the gaming industry wants but you're wrong. CD and DVDs should have been dead long ago according to people like you but they're still kicking because people like owning their media. People like trading games with friends. People lend out or sell their movies or used games. The Industry would love to take that away so they can make that money instead of you (or Gamestop). So DVDs and Blurays aren't going away, unless Industry takes it away by force, meaning not producing physical media. It won't be because of low sales like the VCR.

But once you buy games in the cloud, you don't own it anymore. You're leesing now. They have more control now. So maybe when Playstation 5 rolls around, now you pay a fee to upgrade each of your old games to the new system. Or since your game is in the cloud, you pay a fee for storage. Trading and reselling will be nonexistent.

But you may be right Wish, because people buy over priced Ipads buy the millions over cheaply priced laptops and the storage is only 32GB? over a small laptop's 250GB? My Android phone is as powerful as an Ipad but they still do it for whatever reason I don't understand.

wish 2/6/2013 4:52:44 AM

I'm not wrong, but you are if you think your "physical product" is going to be a disc like a cd or dvd or blu ray.

The next generation of physical product is going to be solid state drive aka flash drive.........because spinning drives are horribly inefficient and usually the cause of major breakdowns on gaming consoles and laptops whose optical drives no longer work.........laptops are being transformed into tablets...............this shit has been happening for a while, and again, I'm not responsible I'm just seeing it and describing it.

I know the love for the physical product and I agree that it will continue, but not in the form of the archaic, wasteful, limited and fragile 5" laser-read disc. 

I'm glad to see them go, my phone holds more data than my entire lifetime collection of plastic and celluloid

How many floppy and micro floppy computer disks are out there ya think?  Yeah they were around for 20years too and they weren't going anywhere right? 

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