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Please Save My Earth

A tale of love, loss and reincarnation.

Alice is a Japanese schoolgirl who has never thought much about the past…that is, until her classmates, Jinpachi and Issei, tell her that they’ve been sharing the same vivid dreams ever since they were in junior high school. In the dreams, Jinpachi (called Gyokuran in the dream) and Issei (a woman named Enju), plus five other scientists, are on some sort of base or research station on the moon. The seven of them are involved in some kind of work observing the Earth, collecting data. Alice doesn’t think anything of it...until she has the same dream.

Seven scientists born to love and life again.

Based on one of Japan’s most celebrated shojo manga (girls’ comic) series, Please Save My Earth tells the story of those seven scientists from a distant planet, now born again to new lives on the blue Earth they were sent to observe. But what are the secrets of their pasts…and how will those past lives affect their future?

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Region 1 - North America

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