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Pocket Full of DC

DC Comics reaches deep into its pockets for a new line of action figures

By Andrew Kardon     March 05, 2002

The DC Universe is shrinking. No, it's not another CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Braniac hasn't pulled another "bottle city of Kandor" out. And the Atom certainly isn't trying to bring everyone down to his size. Uh, uh. The mastermind behind this latest scheme is none other then DC Comics itself.

DC Direct, the merchandising arm of the comics' publisher, recently announced the launch of its all-new Pocket Super Heroes line starting this July. Already well established in the action figure market thanks to frenzied collectors and loyal fans, DC Direct has given fans action figures ranging from popular heroes like Green Arrow and Flash to obscure favorites like Swamp Thing and John Constantine. And now they want collectors to have the whole world make that the whole universe in their hands.


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