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8 Minutes of Revolution Premiere

From the Midseason Premiere

By Robert T. Trate     March 20, 2013
Source: Yahoo TV

The mid season of premiere of Revolution is on March 25th, 2013. Yahoo TV has posted the 8 minutes from its episode. Check it out below. Tune into Mania for reviews for the rest of the first season of Revolution

From Yahoo TV:Revolution fans, rejoice! After months of waiting, NBC's post-techpocalypse drama returns with new episodes on March 25, and Yahoo! TV has the first eight minutes of the midseason premiere right here. You won't believe who locks lips and what gets blown up”.


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titanius719 3/23/2013 4:19:30 PM

I have been dying for this apocalyptic show to jump back on the air waves! I threw on the first eight minutes after I left work at DISH today and just the glimpse of all of the explosions has me super pumped for the mid season premiere! I might not be back in Colorado in time to set my DVR to record it, but that is ok since I have a DISH Hopper. It automatically records all of the prime time shows on the big four networks, so my busy schedule never prevents me from watching my favorite shows.

nunyabiznis 3/23/2013 8:14:07 PM

And don't forget while you're watching the premiere to do it with a deliciously refreshing Coca Cola.



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