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It's Tough Out there for a Pirate!!

10/3/2008 5:12:06 AM permalink

I am not saying that piracy is a good thing. i think that once you created something other people shouldn`t be able to profit from it unless you deem it so. I don`t buy bootleg movies or cds, but I do download music for my own enjoyment. Frankly, money is tight and just because I`m poor doesn`t mean I shouldn't be able to listen to good music like everyone else that can afford it. As most of you know, I live in the U.K, but I`m originally from The Bronx. If I was still living in the U.S. this wouldn't be an issue but I`m not so I have to figure other ways of getting my U.S. television shows without having to wait 6 months for them to bring it over here. I therefore use a few websites that host uploaded programs. One particular site is Megavideo, which is an alternative to site like YouTube. People upload various videos on to the site for others to watch. It is a great thing. Well, it was until a few weeks ago. Megavideo has now implemented a most heinous policy which limits the amount of video you can watch per day. It ranges from around 60 minutes to 120. If this was a strategy to curb people uploading copyrighted movies and such it would be understandable but what they are doing is allowing people to upload whatever they want, watch it for that time limit and then stopping the video about 10 minutes before it ends throwing up a message that reads, you have viewed 61 minutes of video. Wait 120 minutes before watching again or become a "premium member" allowing you to watch as much as you want.  The price is about $179 a year or $40 a month. So they are charging you to watch already copyrighted material which has to be illegal, because they don`t own the copyright. I have been trying to figure out a work around for this problem but nothing as yet has presented itself. If anyone knows of a work around, let me know.

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Comment Problems

10/1/2008 7:23:56 AM permalink

Is anyone else having problems seeing the comment section when they are on. I have to refresh the page like 6 or 7 times just for the comments to load properly. What is up with that?

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J.J. Abrams' Fringe Pilot Review

6/24/2008 4:48:30 AM permalink

Wasn't sure where to post this, but I watched the 2 hour pilot of JJ Abrams new Fox show Fringe last night. It was pretty good. It is very much like the X-Files and Altered States. It definitely has potential, but didn't have nearly as much the impact as Lost`s first episode did. I heard that they spent 10 million dollars on this episode. Frankly, I didn't see where all the money went.
  Certain elements worked really well, like the opening sequence which was pretty scary and very very X-Files like. Abrams must really have a thing for airplanes. The relationship between Jackson's character and his father also worked and I liked that it wasn't very over dramatic. I still  can't help but see Joshua Jackson as Pacey, though. The female lead is very believable and interesting. She's no Scully, but she'll do. Some of the writing for this pilot was somewhat suspect, in that a lot of things you could see coming a mile away. I wouldn't have thought it be the case for an Abrams show. Its all and all a decent show but I think will suffer because of how good Lost is. Its like every M.Night movie after The Sixth Sense. The expectations are too high for it to actually fulfill any of them and might eventually buckle under the weight of Lost`s success. And considering its Fox, as soon as like 5 people stop watching it will get canceled. I`m praying for you Whedon and Dollhouse.
Solid B

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New Joker Pic

12/10/2007 10:06:59 AM permalink

This will be repeated in a few articles. I have been trying to send this scoop for about a week, but I keep getting my email sent back to me. This is what I wrote.


Everyone has commented on the new Batsuit and pics of the Dark Knight this week. It is surprising to me that no one has commented on the new Joker picture on the cover of Empire Magazine. Check it out.

Heath definitely has the look down.


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