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redhairs99 3/9/2010 1:03:20 PM

Did Fonda actually watch Superman Returns?  I still liked the movie okay, but Bosworth is possibly one of the worst actresses in Hollywood.

fft5305 3/9/2010 1:17:30 PM

@jdnobody - did you miss where they said they are looking at guys no older than 32? While I agree that if Valley was still 30 years old, he'd be perfect, the fact of the matter is he's 45 years old. Definitely too old to pass for late 20s, even by Hollywood standards.

I agree with nightwing, we want to know who IS Cap!!

Bring on a pic of Hemsworth in costume as Thor! Or even Hopkins as Odin. That would give us an idea of which way they're going on the pic...

jfdavis 3/9/2010 1:35:48 PM

@FU305 Go back and read my comment again or, go back and actaully learn to read, I actually said he would have been great 6 or 7 years ago.  No, I certainly don't think he'd pull off late 20's now or even when he did BL's second season back in 2005 which was my reference.   All I said was, if he was younger, he would be awesome. 

Calibur454 3/9/2010 2:01:49 PM

MIB could really care less it is a hard enough sell with the origional stars

Thor- is looking promising so is captain america

Kick ass and Iron man2 Oh yes I will see these movies in the theater and I may have to buy a movie poster or two as well

noahbody 3/9/2010 3:03:32 PM

IM2 over hyped? Far from it, it is just getting it's due.

Wiseguy is it that pins fall one at time?   :)  I kid. :)

CAP make a choice, you can't tell me there is not someone out there, I won't buy it.

MIB3.....not a chance with SBC, I liked the first then they got stupid with the second. Chris Rock would be good.

I am with everyone who wants to see some pictures from Thor.


Wiseguy 3/9/2010 4:13:25 PM

noahbody, you're right. That was a joke just for me cause I'm actually a terrible bowler and was recently reminded of the fact when I scored an awesome 96. So yeah, one at a time as the adage goes

fft5305 3/9/2010 6:06:25 PM

Ok.  @jfdavis, perhaps I'm not the one who needs to learn how to read. I was not addressing you. I started off with "@jdnobody -"  not "@jfdavis".  If you learned to read, you would have seen jdnobody say, "Captain America: Still think that Mark Valley from "The Human Target" would be a great choice."  [emphasis added]

evilbeagle 3/9/2010 6:51:50 PM

I'm just drawing an inference from there being no mention of him or being trapped in a human body...

jfdavis 3/9/2010 9:09:47 PM

You're right I completely missed that comment.  I completely apololgize. I thought it was very odd an insult... Again, sorry...

DarthDuck 3/10/2010 6:42:34 AM

CBR is reporting that John Krasinski is no longer in the running to be Cap.

Sorry, I know you're all sick of hearing who ISN'T Cap but I thought I'd let you guys know.

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