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POWERS Movie Moving Forward

    December 06, 2000

There's more progress on the developing big screen version of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming's comic book series Powers. While talking to Comics 2 Film (www.comics2film.com), David Engel, director of development at Mace Neufeld's production company, revealed that they've tapped two scribes to write the film's script. Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, who worked together on Motor City, will write the script about a special unit of the police force that polices a world filled with superheroes. One such cop is special homicide officer Detective Christian Walker, on who the story focuses. 'We're going to try to follow the story as close as we can,' Engel told the site.

Regarding the film's screenwriters, Bendis sounds happy, telling the site, 'I'm pretty excited. I read Motor City and I love that script. I'm not just saying that. There was other writers and I was like 'ehh'but these guys I like. I like them a lot!'

Bendis also notes that he hasn't met the writers as yet, though he adds, 'I know that I will though. I hear they're really big fans of the comic I'm sure that me and Mike will be talking to them. But this [the signing] just happened. I'd be more than happy to talk to these guys. I'm a real big fan of theirs and I'm a huge snob as you know.'


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