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Which Premiere Did You Watch?

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     September 25, 2007

Claire and Noah (aka H.R.G) have to adjust to their new location in "Four Months Later"-Heroes S2.Ep01

The long summer break is finally over and genre television has come back into the fold courtesy of channels like NBC and Fox. Our residing television guru, Stephen Lackey, opened the door to discussion here with his preview and will soon be sending his thoughts in on the shows he watched on this first night of Premiere Week. Until then, lets go ahead and add an entry ourselves on our own perspectives of Premiere Night #1.

So, readers, did you happen to catch any of last night's shows? What did you think? Let's hear your thoughts on the first night of the new season...
Note: Be kind to your fellow Maniacs, readers. Use "Spoiler" warnings for the major plotlines or the "WTF" moments you encountered...Remember, we're covering all the shows here and Stephen Lackey will be here shortly with his look at the individual shows he happen to catch. We could save the spoilers for those review conversations.

Leading the way, we had the following genre related shows open up last night:

Michael begins his search for a prisoner called Whistler who holds the key to freedom. Whistler is hidden in Sona because there is a price on his head making Michael’s search difficult. T-Bag and Bellick are also on the hunt for Whistler while T-Bag sucks up to Lechero to make himself a valuable part of the prison leader’s inner circle.
Marlin Boulet(Anthony Anderson) and Trevor Cobb(Cole Hauser) are on the trail of some escapee convicts from a New Orleans Jail. The manhunt turns out to be more involved than just a simple jail break. Just when they think they get a valid lead, they are thrown a curve ball by someone, or something.
Chuck gets the email that downloads the covert information into his brain and he meets a female CIA agent and an NSA operative that will use him to help with cases based on the new information stashed in his brain.
HEROES (NBC, 9PM EST) Four Months Later
In this season premiere we learn what has become of Nathan, Peter, and Matt after the face off with Sylar as a new threat presents itself to those on the list. Hiro meets his idol in feudal Japan and the Bennett’s strive for a normal life in California.
A San Francisco journalist mysteriously travels into the past and alters the lives of people he meets. In the premiere he finds himself in the 1980’s and he must discover why he is there and find a way to explain where he’s been to his family and his boss.


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nax37 9/25/2007 7:31:53 AM
A virus that only affects the mutants-- er, I mean Heroes? That sounds familiar. I hope Mohinder cures it, but realizes that using the cure would cause the death of a Hero. Then a giant tin man can sacrifice himself to save everyone else.
isgrimner 9/25/2007 8:40:23 AM
Plus there seems to be a Sinister new villian.
galaga51 9/25/2007 8:54:52 AM
Chuck - I only saw part of last half as I was delayed for witnessing a lady with her right turn signal vere into a truck... to her left. The premise of him knowing all this information was ok, but I just didn't like the acting, the writing, or the directing. It felt empty; I'll be stunned if this makes it past this fall, but that's from only seeing a third of the show. Heroes - I was impressed, not overly, but well enough; as usual, the timing seemed off a bit, as if moderate changes in the script were made shortly before filming. It didn't feel too much like a season opener, more in the tone of a regular episode. I felt the product placement was a bit heavy handed "OMG! A Rogue!" or however it was phrased, but it's not the first time they've done it; plus the commercials were already limited, so I'll let that slide. In the end though, I was pleased and ready as ever for next Monday, 9pm. Journeyman - Ok, sure, it has a VERY similar element to Quantum Leap, but already it has some big drama twists thrown in; this guy has a wife, a kid, an ex-wife, and a job to deal with. I don't remember Sam Beckett having much of a life outside of his jumps, except when his jumps were his own past. I liked the characters and the premise was ok, but the story didn't hook me quite enough. I'll give it another shot or two, but I don't need more TV, so while it may run the whole season, I don't think it's going to last for me.
Lagarto_home 9/25/2007 9:12:24 AM
I saw Heroes and Journeyman last night and DVR'd Ken Burns "The War". Journeyman wasn't completely horrible, but I won't go out of my way to see it again. Heroes was OK. I really want to like this show, but...SPOILER WARNING..... are they already running out of ideas? I can't believe they played the amnesia card. Here's hoping that's a quickly resolved plotline. Next Monday I think I'll DVR "Heroes", skip Journeyman, and watch "The War".
wessmith1966 9/25/2007 9:21:46 AM
I thought Heroes was very good; nice continuation of storylines from last season and set ups for this season. SPOILERS... I like what they did with Nathan, making him wrestle with the fact that he didn't die with Peter, yet still clinging to the hope that Peter is alive somewhere. The amnesia plotline doesn't bother me, because who knows what's happened to Peter in the last four months. I like that Peter, who's the most powerful of the Heroes, is the most tortured in spirit. It makes his decisions and actions that much more...heroic. HRG at work was pretty funny, but I must admit that Claire's trials at school don't interest me in the least.
bjjdenver 9/25/2007 10:48:02 AM
Chuck I haven't watched yet (tivo). Prison Break, I'm done with it. It's just to contrived for my taste and has run it's course. The new plotline doesn't interest me, and I want to give some other shows a shot. K-Ville. Not interested. Heroes. Still love it, I'm looking forward to the season more than any other show. I'm sure the premiere was kind of a transition episode and we can look forward to the pace picking up. Journeyman. I like the concept, but the journey stories need to get more interesting really quick. As for his storyline, it is very strange and has alot of potential, it will be interesting to see how they balance his storyline with the weekly storyline.
overkil6 9/25/2007 12:29:45 PM
Is it just me or does K-Ville have just about the worst editing ever? In the season opener they would be running down the street shooting at a fast moving car. Next scene they are in a car, shooting at the same fast moving car and they're right on his tail?? This sort of thing happened a few times. Anyone else catch that?
gauleyboy420 9/25/2007 12:40:35 PM
HEROES- Lived up to all of my expectations. Was wanting it to last two or three times a s long. As per every episode last season, found myself screaming for it not to end as it ...ended. I really love this show. Sure it takes a cue from many comic stories I love, but it is a refreshingly new take on these stories, and how everyday peeps would handle them. Can't wait till MONDAY! Journeyman- Lost interest 1/2 way through, wen tot do some work (post on WW threads) then my girlfriend said it was getting better, so I went back to watch the last 10 min. It's not a bad show, I'll give it a chance, but will be happily surprised if I end up liking it. Didn't watch Chuck.
amateurscientist 9/25/2007 12:45:49 PM
SPOILERS. (that out of the way,) yeah I didn't see Prison Break or K-Ville (and I'm a fan of Anthony Anderson somewhat, and think Cole Hauser is pretty much the balls... I'm just not really interested. I'll most likely check it on DVD if it gets that far). but HEROES... that's what I watched. DVRed CHUCK, JOURNEYMAN (and HEROES) but watched Heroes pretty much live. I must say, I was kind of left with an "eh..." sort of feeling. there's that sense of "get on with it" that I couldn't help, and also, the rememberance of the fact that they just love to draw things out, dwelling instead on "character moments" which are more or less glances, mysterious looks, and pensive stares. that said, I liked that Clare's guy friend had flight. that tells us that more than one person can have the same power -- which was one of the questions I had about the show: were the powers limited to the single character and the ones that can "copy/steal" them, or could more people just have the same ones as their natural abilities. I felt that the Hiro stuff was almost a non-issue, and I don't like that. everything should mean something, and not waste our time. but I did like two big aspects of the episode (though I would've liked them played up and to a better affect) : I liked the pictures with the "heroes" mark, and I liked that the more senior characters knew that it was a bad sign. I also liked that Peter showed up -- with his friggin' haircut finally -- and sans his memory. I know it's a device, but I'm willing to suspend the disbelief to get to the other side of that one. please let it be for a good reason. I would understand if Peter lost his memory BECAUSE of the explosion. it would make sense. but what would be better of course would be, if this newer threat was involved, and involved in a big and bad way. I'm rather bored with the "company" stuff, and hope that goes away quickly. I'm not so much a fan of the way that the characters don't really like and feel paranoid about hiding their powers. I just feel... it's sorta lame. unless there's a solid reason, then I don't get it. that's maybe why I like the Clare boyfriend guy, cause it seems like he LIKES his power. that's what we kinda liked about Christopher Eccelson and his invisibility power having self. he liked that this was part of him and didn't want to deny it. while I understand there's going to be a thread that keeps it going, I think that the overly paranoid, "watch out of the man" one is tired. I'd rather it be the this villain is such a big threat (and mystery) that he's bigger than all of it, this "company", the law, and all that, and it's for reasons like this that they hide in the masses... or something like that. I was also kinda let down by the thread of the latina girl. just didn't do much for me, and it's a shame, cause she's easy on the eyes -- but if it's always going to be this kind of stuff, these kinds of scenes that she's in... the overly melodramatic tortured ones, then I'm going to check out. I'm not saying this should be a fun-loving romp. I don't mind the dark, in fact, I love it. but I want it to be motivated. I want it to be for a reason. I don't like seeing the characters reduced to lame caricatures and cliches -- even if they're about to break out of them soon (like HRG working at a kinkos knockoff... how is that, and they're all living in a great house, etc.? why wouldn't he have stashed away some cash, etc. sure he might need a cover, but why not something smarter? c'mon). but whatever. I'd like for there to REALLY BE some juice to this season, and I'm not looking forward to the UNANSWERED TEASING that I know I'm in for. I'm kinda bracing myself for that again... I'd forgotten about how they just love to beat around that bush... but I'm sticking with it. I'll see. I'm hoping against hope that their BIG BAD is really big and really BAD. I'm hoping that the threads really tie together well, I'm looking for reversals... I'd love to see a redeemed or reformed Sylar... guilty, and TRULY trying to do right. hey, tons of the "heroes" are murderers, and their victims are passed right over, why not Sylar? I actually LIKE Quinto, and think he'd deserve a fair shake. it would also be a very "Magneto leads the XMEN" way to go, and it would make for difficult character interactions (the stuff that actors, writers, directors, etc. love to deal with). but I doubt it. we'll see. they talk about how they don't have the budget of a Spider-man 3, but they do have what they need to stir our imaginations when they do it right. let's hope they do... I'm gonna be watching. (*as for the rest, I'm gonna check 'em out. JourneyMan I tried to watch and thought it was pretty thin, I was more thrilled with DAYBREAK as contempory time jumping everyman stuff. but I'm gonna give it a chance tonight. Chuck... we'll see. I wonder how much longer the novelty of the premise will hold? this isn't ALIAS... and I'm also looking to check out BIONIC WOMAN and see if there's anything to it. we'll see.)
bjjdenver 9/25/2007 1:13:55 PM
Longest 20 minutes of my week?? 8:00-8:20 Monday nights, waiting long enough for the DVR to record Heroes so I don't have to watch commercials.
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