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Prequel for Walking Dead Spin-Off

According to Kirkman

By Robert T. Trate     November 16, 2013

A Walking Dead Spinoff Series is coming to AMC

With how widely popular The Walking Dead has become, a spin-off is the next logical conclusion for AMC. TV Line (via IGN) is reporting that the spin-off may indeed be a sequel. 

“In a recent interview with IGN, series creator Robert Kirkman — who is shepherding the spin-off along with fellow Walking Dead EPs Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert — confirmed that the new series will be set in a ‘different location’ and feature ‘completely different people,’ adding. ‘It definitely won’t be set in Georgia… It’s important to us that this show exists on its own. The spin-off has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we’ve all sold out’.”

The buzz is that the series will be about the early days of the epidemic. As both an avid reader of the comic and watcher of the series, I don’t need an explanation as to how the world fell apart. The series is about what the living do next. There doesn’t have to be a why or how the dead continue to walk. The quest for what we do next is the lure to both the book and the TV show. 

The spin-off is set for 2015 which means all this could change. Nothing is ever set in stone. What do you think Maniacs? Sound off below!

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Wiseguy 11/16/2013 7:42:07 AM

It's a wait and see for me. My enthusiasm for the show has been waning. It seems like they're trying to cash in and Kirkman sold out already so he needs to stop acting so grandiose. If he didn't sell out he would have demanded the series stayed true to the books, no two ways about it.

mellowdoux 11/16/2013 8:36:49 AM

Could be a very cool MINI-series. But a series about how the world fell apart?
According to the tv show mythology, this happened in about the space of a month. How do you do an ongoing series about that?

fatpantz 11/16/2013 1:40:37 PM

Rise of the Govenor mini series would be awesome!

Flyincloud 11/16/2013 2:16:00 PM

 Cool, anything is better than Marvel: AoS

redvector 11/16/2013 4:31:25 PM

I continue to enjoy the show but I feel this spin off series is a mistake. It's just over kill and a cash grab by AMC and Kirkman. 

jimvo99 11/16/2013 8:52:11 PM

This is called getting greedy. How can anyone think the show is good because of the world they live in? The world they live in and the zombies are just a back drop. The greatness of the series is in the characters and how the learn to live and die with each other.

This is a big mistake and its gonna be a dud. Mark my words.

InnerSanctum 11/17/2013 4:29:18 PM

 I've enjoyed the webisodes (check them out if you have not.)  Not really needing a whole prequel storyline.  



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