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phantomx69 5/20/2009 8:22:18 AM

this looks like it will be a great show,  but where are the disguises hes supposed to assume the identity of the people he protects rather than being a human shield like shown in the clip, he is a human shield. did they drop the whole wearing other peoples faces concept... other than that its my only gripe this looks good...   i hope a paperback book series comes out of this... if this catches on im hopeing the other networks will do similar shows would like to see jon sable come back  to tv as well maybe even a new t.h.e. cat   series would be good....

robbo 5/20/2009 8:43:31 AM

Phantom, it looks like they dropped the disguise angle. The show's description says he poses as someone close to the target, rather than the target itself. It's kind of a weasle-around.

I think it's becaue they don't want their lead actor sitting out 80% of every episode like Rick Springfield did when this was a series 15 years ago.

Of course, that's the main hook of the character, so it's kind of weird that they're not using it.

Suzen 5/21/2009 12:35:31 AM

Hey that's cool, we have had our eyes on Fox's Youtube where they are also posting up videos.  Pardon our dust while we get our site up and running.  

I have been wondering the same thing.  Have they completely done away with disguises or might we get some in episodes to come.  

fft5305 5/21/2009 10:50:05 AM

I'm hoping it's something they'll integrate in to various episodes.  They don't need to make it the central focus, but they definitely shouldn't lose the angle entirely.



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