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Preview: SMALLVILLE 8.20 - "Beast"

Oliver confronts Clark about the Doomsday scenario

By Rob M. Worley     April 28, 2009
Source: The CW

SMALLVILLE 8.20 - "Beast"
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The showdown between Clark and Davis looms closer as Mr. Doomsday loses his deuce in the April 30th episode of 'Smallville' called "Beast". The CW has provided a new clip from the episode, but first here's the official description:

DAVIS ASKS CHLOE TO LEAVE TOWN WITH HIM — Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that Davis (Sam Witwer) is still alive and confronts Chloe (Allison Mack) about protecting him.  Oliver (Justin Hartley) discovers Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) breaking into Chloe’s apartment, but things get rapidly worse after Davis jumps from the shadows and attacks both of them.  Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Genevieve Sparling.

The "Beast" episode of 'Smallville' airs on April 30th at 8pm on The CW. Check your local listings. Now, roll clip...


Webclip - BEAST


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SgtTechCom 4/28/2009 9:58:50 AM

awww yeah baby, the brawl is looming.  3 more episodes to go for season 8.  I can't wait till the showdown.

Oliver rocks  "kick his azz clark" haha

vdogg71 4/30/2009 10:13:55 PM

so here are my thoughts about smallville in a nut shell- my biggest problem with the show is that i just dont get where the past few seasons are going- its been 8 years of 12 solid episodes per season. problem is that there are 22 episodes in every season. the filler episodes are aweful. its superman and they managed to make him the biggest nerd ever. just the fact that he is isnt flying is retarted,he flew out of highschool he should have been flying 4 seasons ago, this is not cool. they say they are heading towards the superman mythology but they are nowhere near it. we never see superpowers anymore. all you get is sound effects of him supposedly superspeeding, x-ray vision is him looking around, no more slow motion effects of how fast he is,( though they did it sort of in this episode today) superbreath, what about an episdoe of artic breath>?< im just tired of the same episodes every year over and over again that are just god aweful, took them 4 seasons to get the guy back to play bart,  cyborg,  drop a green lantern in there. a power ring bruce wayne the ideas are endless but we get sub par episodes. i wish the show was on FX- this way they get 13 episode seasons and every episode has to mean something. cut the episode number in order to make a better quality show. havent even let loose on the whole lana crap- 8 season of this crap is enough.....thanks god there was only one metoer freak episode this year but the past years ahve had so many filler episodes....neway i just dont want to bash the show bc there is so much i love about the show.......just this year when he finally called jor-el father i thought was awesome. brainiac was amazing, every time they made an episode that was more towards the real superman mythology it was dynamyte....the comics are the comics for a reason stick to the basics and make a great qulity show. start with allowing him to fly, i dont care about the tights just lets move forward and get this outta the way you dont need to be superman to fly its an ability he needs to get  and as far as next season goes, i hope they start moving more towards what they are good at and that is writing a show about clark kent becoming a hero, start involving more superp[owers, and stop with the drama its a superhero tv show,  love the show cant wait for the throwdown, i just hope it is done right..



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