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My review for the Dark Knight

7/24/2008 6:00:59 PM permalink

(I wrote this little review right after seeing the film for my second time last Sat.)

If you've been under a rock for the past oh say almost week now then you probably have not heard just how much of an awe inspiring even the new Batman film really is. Heath Leger delivers a performance like nothing you would have ever expected and as for Christian Bail, he really has gone on to show as well as prove that he is the "it" actor of modern day Hollywood (with no strings attached).

With all do respect though, Ledger really does go ahead and steal the spotlight and for a few good reason. One, he is the first person to don the role of the Joker since Nicholson (Bale had 3 previous Batmen before he took on the role). Second, his portrayal of a mad man, lunatic asylum freak is one actuality, a real mentally ill person. Not just a head boss villain who can crack a joke from time to time but the characteristics of what you would expect from somebody with a seriously mentally ill, criminally insane, mad man. A true real life portrayal. That is what the people, including the fans, were looking for. This is what kept people glued to the screen because you were watching a monster, nothing more, nothing less. And the only person of course who would deny the fact that Heath Ledgers Joker was anything but a monster would of course have been the Joker himself which should tell you something. Only a true madman himself would be so blind to see that the amount of chaos, death and destruction is done in the name of power, lust, revenge, greed or just pure and simple pleasure but never view it as something which ti anything but wrong (i.e. Usama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, The Son of Sam, Charles Manson and so forth). Ledger plays that persona out to a "T" and if I had to say it right now then yes. I do believe that Heath Ledger should be if not the winner then at least the recipient of one of next years Oscars for best actor or something equivalent to it.

Of course if you haven't seen the film yet then I suggest for starters, take everything I have said at least in to consideration because until you see it for yourself then any and all types of reviews would be considered irrelevant to the fact. See it for yourself and then decide if you think that this is what a true madman in today’s modern day age of living should really be portrayed. One thing I will say though. In contrary to everything I had mentioned earlier, you will very much so be hard pressed to find another portrayal of psychopathic lunatic in any modern day era film today.

Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker may have been the highlight as well as the true heart beat of the film but without the help and support of everyone who was involved from the rest of the cast to the writers, directors, and producers then the film would have never turned out the way it did. Aside from Christian Bale once again proving that he has what it take to don the mask of the caped crusader, everyone else really came through as well. Gary Oldman, whom I have been a fan of ever since I first saw him in JFK and then Dracula, played a Jim Gordon who fir right in with the film’s tone. It would have been easy to loose track of his character had he been not included in so much of the plot action sequence, but there he was, side by side with the rest of the cast proving his character really can do more than just pick up the phone or even fire up the bat signal when duty calls and for that I salute him. I have been a fan of just about anything Oldman has done over the years and I think it’s great to see that even after two decades worth of films, he can still dish out that same type of upper level quality work which comes with being such a top notch, grade A, veteran Hollywood actor.

I think one more player in the film who also deserves a nod would have to be Morgan Freeman. Just like Gary Oldman, I have been a fan of his work ever since I was young. In addition to being one of the best narrators around, Freeman can also take just about any role and mold it in to his own. Right before this I saw Wanted with Angelina Jolie and thought that he was too cool! Then I saw him in this a week later and you would think by watching him that this requires no sweat off his back what so ever, meaning he can just step in to one role and then just simply slide over and take on the next while still being funny and charming or angry and stern. Most importantly of all though he is diligent and that is what makes him who he is today.

Well, it looks like my little review turned in to yet again another full page article (or two) but that ok. I really felt like I really had to get some of this stuff out in to the open considering the nature of the subject. A really great and true classic Hollywood type film. The one the fans have been waiting for years for and also more importantly the one which the cinematic community has been holding on to for until now. Everyone in this film was great in addition to the people I had mentioned earlier. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckart, and also Michael Caine all gave great performances. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Batman film! Thank you!




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