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The Price is Right

Those bargain games may be worth something after all

By Troy Roberts     September 12, 2003

FREEDOM FORCE screenshot
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You never really know what you'll find until you start looking. I think this is the motto I'm going to start living by, because recently, I've passed over some cheap games that I have never played or reviewed and said "what the heck, they're cheap, why not?" And honestly, some of these are some really fun games and if you look hard enough, you'll find some really good, cheap stuff.

For example, this week I stumbled across a copy of FREEDOM FORCE in my local Toys R Us. Now, I understand that this game is two years old, but I actually had a reason to buy it. A little over two years ago, when CINESCAPE first restarted its new regime and James and I were brought on, our first article in the magazine was about FREEDOM FORCE. Somehow, we never received the game...but here it was, at Toys R Us for $5.90! I could pay for that in pocket change! And I've played it a few times since buying it (when I can tear myself away from GALAXIES, of course) and it's actually a very cool game. It's certainly something I consider a steal for that price.

But there are a lot of games that I miss because James and I normally split what we get, and each of us deals with different companies. I bought ONIMUSHA a while back when it was put in Sony's Greatest Hits section and marked down to 20 bucks. It's one of those games I would have paid full price for this game so paying less than half of the full price is great.

I guess that's one of the reasons I love the Greatest Hits, Platinum and Nintendo's Choice games. They're games that a lot of people might not have played (or paid full price for), but mark them down and those people might just take another look at them. I mean, in today's world, there isn't a ton of things you can get for 20 bucks that will keep you busy for hours on end.

So that's the question this week. Have you picked up any recent game that was old or marked down, maybe because you didn't have the money for it when it came out or just wasn't interested? And if so, did you like the game? Let us know. Send us an e-mail at


Our question last week was what old television show or movie would you like to see turned into a video game.

"I'm dumbfounded as to why Universal has never put out any sort of "BACK TO THE FUTURE" video game, which has remained virtually untapped for its full potential the past 18 years." - Stephen M. Clark

Editor's Note: James here, I responded to this e-mail when it came in, but Troy still posted it. There actually have been several BTTF games for a couple consoles, I believe the most recent was the BACK TO THE FUTURE II & III on the NES.

"I just read your article on the CINESCAPE website about tv shows and movies and video game adaptations for them. I'm surprised they never made a MACGYVER game back while it was on the air. MACGYVER was known for finding creative ways to solve whatever dilemma he was in -- such as using a paperclip to disarm a bomb or taking out two missiles by using a wrench, a paperclip, and a shoelace. MACGYVER would make a perfect PC point-and-click style adventure game where you have the old inventory-based puzzles that these type of games are popular for. And of course it wouldn't be MACGYVER without some intense INDIANA JONES action sequences and stunts. With today's graphics and voiced by Richard Dean Anderson, a MACGYVER game could easily rival it." Dan Castro


Running with Scissors, the publisher of POSTAL 2, is looking for beta testers. Go to their website for more information...DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS HEROES, from Atari, has gone gold...BioWare, the development group behind the hit KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC, and Microsoft have announced JADE EMPIRE...



JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY is my pick this week (mainly because I've loved the last three games).

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