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Mania Grade: A

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  • Art Rating: C
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Released By: Digital Manga Publishing
  • MSRP: 12.95
  • Pages: 170
  • ISBN: 978-1569707524
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Prince Charming

Prince Charming Vol. #02

By Briana Lawrence     September 29, 2008
Release Date: January 29, 2008

Prince Charming Vol. #02
© Digital Manga Publishing

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to find a good way to start this review without me screaming, “Oh my god, this story is awesome!” 

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist: Akemi Takaido
Translated by: Melanie Schoen
Adapted by: Melanie Schoen

What They Say
Asahina was a normal teacher until he met Yuasa. After a world-wind romance, Yuasa has moved in and the two are living like newlyweds. But there is trouble in paradise in the form of Yuasa's old friend, Nagai. Nagai has liked Yuasa for years and has finally gotten the nerve to confess his feelings. Is this the end of Asahina and Yuasa?

The Review
Honestly, it’s kind of hard to find a good way to start this review without me screaming, “Oh my god, this story is awesome!”  So perhaps I‘ll start the review in a completely unprofessional matter:  oh my god, this story is awesome!  Go and read it now!  Now that that’s out of the way, on to the review.   

This volume starts with Yuasa worrying about Nagai because he‘s been skipping soccer practice a lot and could possibly be kicked off the team.  It’s obvious that Nagai’s been skipping because of the turn his friendship with Yuasa has taken.  Back at home, Yuasa and Asahina have a moment where Asahina asks him how many guys he’s slept with before him.  Yuasa is worried about the turn the conversation will take since Asahina has said before that he should sleep with more men to figure out what he wants.  Yuasa tells Asahina to be careful with men, saying that “It’s a dangerous world,” and he should be careful with who he sleeps with.  Asahina then responds with a surprising question, “What if I sleep with someone I know?”  This, of course, hints to Kagami. 

Later on that evening Yuasa confronts Kagami about his relationship with Asahina and tells him that the professor has come up with an idea of a threesome.  It’s not surprising that Kagami thinks it’s a wonderful idea.  Yuasa blames himself for Asahina’s behavior, having given him the final push in the previous volume by telling him that he can’t have an orgasm with a woman.  Now he’s worried that if Asahina isn’t satisfied, he’ll simply push him away.  While Yuasa and Kagami are at the club Yuasa spots Nagai with another guy.  He decides to confront him, which leads to a not very unexpected love confession from Nagai.  He tries to make his move but Yuasa pushes him away.  Seeing the defeated look on his friend’s face makes Yuasa drag Nagai to a hotel where they end up sleeping together.  Both know that it’s probably the wrong direction to be taking, but neither can figure out a better solution. 

As the story progresses Yuasa decides to go back home to take some time to think things over.  It’s around this time where Asahina finds out that Yuasa is sleeping with Nagai.  He doesn’t admit that he’s jealous, but its easy to tell that he is.  Yuasa tries to confront him about his feelings but he gets no response (as usual), but Yuasa easily admits that he’s jealous about Kagami since he continues to make advances on the professor.  That same night, at the club, Kagami ends up getting attacked by the group of guys who tried to molest Asahina in volume one.  Nagai takes him to Asahina’s place and Asahina decides to take care of him, blaming himself for the situation that Kagami was put in.  It’s here that Kagami makes a surprising declaration of love to Asahina, but whether Asahina believes him is up for debate.  It’s decided that Kagami will stay with Asahina until his wounds heal up, and there’s an amusing scene of Kagami and Yuasa trying to figure out what Asahina really wants, especially since Asahina himself has no idea what he wants. 

Yuasa tells Kagami that Asahina would probably sleep with him, but probably not choose him as a partner.  This is, sort of, proven when Yuasa is in an accident and has to go to the hospital.  Asahina is clearly concerned for Yuasa, especially when his friends pull a mean trick of making Asahina think that Yuasa is dying.  The volume ends with Asahina figuring out their scheme, but nevertheless his feelings became a bit clearer.  There’s a short side story called “Sleeping Beauty,” where Kagami continues to send Yuasa picture messages of Asahina sleeping.  He continues to put Asahina in more provocative poses and Yuasa rushes to the scene, but when he sees how good Asahina looks he starts to join in on the posing.  Nagai interrupts them and Asahina wakes up, not looking very happy at all. 

I love all of the relationships in this manga, but my guilty pleasure is definitely Kagami and Asahina.  I know that its wrong for many different reasons.  Asahina is very confused about what he wants and its unclear if Kagami is just playing with him or not, not to mention the effect their relationship has on Yuasa.  But there’s something about them that’s just… hot.  There’s a particular scene in the library where Kagami pretends to have sex with Asahina while they’re still fully clothed.  The art isn’t the best in the world, but the situation was so hot to me that the art didn’t even matter.  That’s beyond impressive.  In a genre that’s known for pretty boys doing pretty things, the plot and the characters are so well done that I managed to look past the art and instead crave the story. 

It’s getting to the point of me just waiting for them to tumble into bed together, because I just know that it’s going to happen.  But every time I think they’re getting close they pull back, and it’s frustrating!  Somehow, I’m rooting for them to have sex, even if it means that it’ll hurt Yuasa.  At the same time, Yuasa is sleeping with Nagai, so it… gyah, it’s just a big mess!  The worst(?) part is that this disorganized mess of emotions and sex actually makes sense!  I’m able to keep track of whose sleeping with who, and I agree with every single possible couple that’s being presented in the manga.  Yuasa and Asahina, Nagai and Yuasa, Kagami and Asahina: every one of these pairings makes sense and in the end I’m not sure whose going to end up with who. 

I cannot stress enough how great these characters are.  Each one is believable and I’m in love with every single one of them.  The plot is so… real!  I feel like these guys and this situation can happen to anyone; the confusion, the love, the insecurity… everything is done amazingly well.  There’s nothing else left for me to say except this: dear god, I love this series.        


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