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Mania Grade: A

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  • Audio Rating: A-
  • Video Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Menus Rating: A-
  • Extras Rating: A-
  • Age Rating: 12 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: ADV Films
  • MSRP: 19.98
  • Running time: 100
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Princess Nine

Princess Nine Vol. #2

By Abraham Chinchilla Jr.     May 31, 2002
Release Date: January 08, 2002

The Review!
After the first volume, waiting for this disc was pretty hard. I did get my copy around the time it was released, and I continued to enjoy this series. The four episodes presented on this disc reveal a few secrets dealing about why Miss Himuro wanted to start a girls' Baseball team. This show is just so fun!

While both the English and Japanese audio tracks are presented in Dolby Digital 2.0, they both sound very nice. The show has a great soundtrack, and this disc really let's the music stand out greatly. Voices, in both languages, also stand out nicely as well. I didn't notice any disortions or drop-outs.

The video quality is still good. M.O.F.C. is a pretty good authoring house. The only things you could nitpick is the slight artifacting in darker colors, and the jaggling that occurs in panning scenes. Other than those two things, the video is just really nice.

The cover image is simply awesome on this disc. We get another shot of Ryo pitching, with Izumi in the background along with a blue-ish background color. The back features Hiroki, again with a blue-ish background, and some screen captures are featured as well. We get a good synopsis for the show, and we have a few screen captures of the DVD menus, along with some disc info and credits. The insert features the same cover artwork, with episode titles and a listing of ADV previews on the back. The disc features the front cover as well.

The main menu begins with an animation of all the Baseball players with their names scolling across the screen. The main menu features the artwork from the cover. The episode menu features the four episodes with clips playing for each of them, though no actual scene menus for each of them, they simply start off at the beginning of each episode (you can still chapter skip). The extras menu features Koharu. Everything is layed out nicely, and access times are good.

This disc provides a minimal amount of extras, but they were fairly good. First there is both the U.S. teaser and trailer. The U.S. trailer was really cool, and was very addicting to watch. Another good extras was the Oden cooking special, "Ode to Oden". It was a short cooking show with lessons on how to cook Oden, I need to find a Japanese grocery store. Player Statistics for the last five players are presented on this disc as well, featuring the original Japanese eye-catchers.

The team still hasn't formed completely, but in this disc, they find a few more players for the Kisaragi Nine. New things and secrets are also revealed on this disc, so pay attention!


With Koharu, and her batting, on their team, another problem comes to mind. Who will be able to catch Ryo's fast ball? Nene has a good idea on someone who could probably do the job, and a girl named Yoko decides to try out for the team for her own reasons, that is. Mao, a girl in the school's Judo team is asked by Ryo to try out for the team. Mao has little cofidence for herself, but she is able to succeed in catching Ryo's fast ball. Kido also allows Yoko, a girl who knows nothing about Baseball (but pretends to act as if she has played before).

Another girl, Kanako, also wants to join the team, but her father is against the whole idea of a girls' Baseball team. But, Nene finds a way to allow Kanako to play, by disgusing her and changing her name. Wearing only a green wig and without her glasses, thankfully, her father is unable to reconize her.

The girls still needs one more player to complete their team. Ryo decides to ask Izumi, because Izumi was able to learn how to bat fairly quickly. When asked, Izumi refuses Ryo's request. Later, Izumi has discovered one of her mother's secrets. Miss Himuro used to have a relationship with another man, and this upsets Izumi. But, it upsets her even more when she finds out who that man was. Izumi then runs to the girls' dressing room with a challenge for Ryo, they will play a Baseball game to decide the future of the game. If Izumi wins, the team would vanish, and the girls' scholarships would be cancelled. If Ryo's team wins, Izumi will have to join their team.

After a long day of practice, and with the help of Hiroki, Izumi manages to perfectly hit a home run. Revealing her cuts and injuries, Izumi bats against Ryo's team. After a few fouls, Mao calls time-out and tells Ryo about Izumi's injuries, causing Ryo to go a little easy on Izumi for her next pitch, which would caused the end of the team.

Miss Himuro becomes very unhappy with her daughter, since Izumi had shattered her dreams. After a talk with Hiroki, Izumi finds out that Ryo was only being easy on her, and makes a decision as her mother calls to vanish the team and cancel the scholarships.

This show is really getting good, but I warn you! This disc will leave you wanting more. I can't wait!

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