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By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     September 16, 2002

In an interview with CINESCAPE's own Chris Wyatt in the latest print issue of this magazine, BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER producer Chris Lee is talking about his hopes for the film's vaunted action scenes, what inspired the cast and crew, and how he hopes for this not to be a 'comic book' movie.

"These two characters are total equals and they're able to go head-to-head, but they have very different action styles," explained Lee, referring to the opposing spies played by Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. "Sever [Liu] is more like a dancer. There's never a single wasted movement, just elegant and efficient actions. Ecks [Banderas], on the other hand, is more about brute force and about frontal assaults. He's doggedly persistent. He never gives up. He just keeps hanging on and on."

Lee, who also produced FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN and is a former head of Columbia TriStar Pictures, told us BALLISTIC aims for a somewhat more realistic tone than some of the comic book-style fantasy action moviegoers have been seeing recently.

"I relate this much more to a 'graphic novel' than to a 'comic book,' if you can see the distinction," he said. "This is something grittier and more realistic, something more like SIN CITY or other material by Frank Miller. We don't do crazy wirework. We don't do bizarre moves that don't make any sense. We do keep the action coming nonstop, but we're trying to make it look real. We're using pictures like BULLITT and FRENCH CONNECTION as templates for our movie."

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