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Project Starchild: Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Quest for Alien Life Continues

By Stella Maris     June 27, 2009

Could humans and aliens have produced offspring in the distant past?
© James Neff


I was delighted to catch up with Lloyd Pye and the Starchild Skull again last week during the London leg of the Starchild 2009 European Tour. Amazingly for this genre, Lloyd and I have managed to stay in touch over the past six years, ever since we first met in a Mexican restaurant in London's Leicester Square back in 2003, during an assignment to investigate the Alien "phenomena" for my Phenomena Magazine column.
For the record, Aliens really aren't my "thing" at all, therefore I had absolutely no preconceptions whatsoever about the so-called Starchild Skull... whether it might truly be extraterrestrial or human, genuine, or a con. My only agenda was to gather enough material to cobble together a decent article and to imbibe a margarita or two.
Back then, it was Lloyd's first-ever trip to England, he had only been here a couple of days, and had come straight to the restaurant from doing his bit on a popular daytime talk show. He was jetlagged, hungry, and basically just felt like chilling out. So, we talked about family, cultural differences between the British and the American mindset, the time I got completely out of my skull drinking Hurricanes in New Orleans, his hometown. It was a perfectly normal conversation.
Then, without preamble, Lloyd reached behind him for his sports bag and pulled out what looked like a volleyball swaddled in bubble-wrap. To my delight, it turned out to be an exact replica of the Starchild Skull, which Lloyd still had with him from his interview on the TV talk show. He unwrapped it and placed it on the tabletop in front of us, allowing me to examine it as he related the saga of how he came to adopt the remains of a possible Starchild.
Holding the replica of the skull in my hands, I could see exactly what intrigued Lloyd about it as he talked me through the salient points of the shallow eye sockets and strangely-shaped cranium. What had impressed Lloyd about the misshapen skull was that the deformity was completely uniform and symmetrical, which wouldn't be the case if it had been the result of a congenital defect or some disfiguring disease.
But could this indeed be the skull of an alien-human hybrid?
In any case, the Starchild Skull replica certainly looked real enough to our Mexican waiter, who had swiftly deposited our margaritas and backed away in alarm, blessing himself with the sign of the cross and muttering Hail Marys at the sight of it sitting in the middle of our table…
Meanwhile, as we continued to chat, I was struck by Lloyd's objectivity regarding the Skull. He didn't try to convince me one way or the other, he simply talked me through the saga and answered my questions. To me, he mainly seemed bemused as to why the scientific community has shunned the opportunity to investigate the more obvious medical anomalies of the Skull--such as the unusually hard bone composition--regardless of whether it is genuinely an "alien hybrid" or not. Even a mundane, scientifically verified, terrestrial explanation would put the matter to rest and release Lloyd from the never-ending quest that now consumes his entire life.
Six years later, as more and more intriguing information comes to light, Lloyd is still pursuing his quest to identify the Starchild's parentage. Initial DNA tests have confirmed that the Starchild's mother was human, but the father's DNA resolutely remains a mystery, opening the door to enticing possibilities. Now, sophisticated DNA tests have been developed which can more accurately analyze the paternal DNA, but they are expensive--in the region of $200,000.
But, unfortunately the planned tests and ensuing documentary film project has now become a casualty of the credit crunch, catapulting the Starchild Project back to square one, with the current promotional tour being transformed into a campaign to identify new investors. 
So, if anyone reading this knows of any eccentric millionaires who want to go where no man has gone before, please have them contact the Starchild Project here to join in possibly one of the most intriguing adventures that I have ever come across in all my years of collecting enigmatic curiosities.
If nothing else, it would make a great movie!


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ProfessorW 6/27/2009 12:15:54 AM

 In this week, when another alien has returned to the mother-ship, let's all wish Lloyd success in his quest.

Mnemosyne 6/28/2009 6:55:54 PM

 Aw!  I'm sorry to read that the Starchild Project has been put on hold indefinitely.  TImes are indeed tough.


bottleslingguy 9/24/2009 5:47:31 PM

Confirming a non-human father would finally put this debate to rest. There would be a domino effect afterward and we could demand the technology that's been hidden from us be put to good use and save our environment, end hunger and poverty and spread education around the globe. All because of one little skull... amazing.

Lloyd Pye is very courageous and is about to go down in history as the man who proved we're not alone.



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