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DarthBob 10/9/2012 4:47:39 AM

I agree with Dazzler on Prometheus, it was a Ridley Scott pretentious steaming pile of dung.

DarthBob 10/9/2012 5:20:59 AM

No plot holes in Prometheus? **Spoiler Alert**

1) Shaw beats down two crew members to get to the surgery machine who then join her later to explore the alien cavern and make no mention of incident.
2) How did the squid baby get so huge so fast? No food, water or anything!
3) The alien ship crashes and chooses to hunt down Shaw rather than grab another ship to get out of dodge.
4) The smartest android who deciphers a language from snippets chooses to scratch sound scientific method and blindly infects a crew member with the black goo knowing the affects were totally unpredictable.
5) The black goo in one case causes and alien to dissolve, turns worms into scrotum snakes, creates a giant squid baby and turns another human into a zombie gymnast.
6) A large crew of highly skilled individuals chose to go on a mission without being briefed before starting then gets briefed only moments before landing. Right!
7) The most advanced civilization drives their ships with what? Isn't it obvious? A flute!
8) The whole Peter Weyland ruse was pointless, tedious and unnecessary to the plot.  Then the captain is his daughter?  Puuuulease!
9) How did David know that Shaw was exactly 3 months pregnant? How did he know the gestational cycle of giant squid babies?
10) Shaw heads to the home world of the giant alien that just went ape  killing all humans in sight.
11) Then there are the trite plot concepts, rich old guy who wants to live forever, evil corporations, and a couple irrational guys who freak out before anything actually happens.

The plot holes and contrivances are too numerous to mention them all. If you liked the movie then great, but there are plenty of reasons not to like the movie.


makabriel 10/9/2012 7:42:33 AM

(edit as I misunderstood the first point) **Spoilers**

  The only plot hole I can grant is her ability to run around after basically having her uterus removed. It was a bit hard to swallow that she was able to run around after a major surgery like that.  Chalk it up to drugs, adrenaline, whatever, but that one was hard to believe.

All the rest are nitpicks that can easily be addressed.  How can you know the life cycle of a genetic bioweapon?  The androids in the Alien franchise have -always- been psychopathic.  How do you know what an advanced civilization would use to pilot their ships? Etc, etc..

Wiseguy 10/9/2012 8:05:04 AM

I loved the film but admit that a lot of stuff seemed illogical. So I tend to agree to different degrees with both comments above.

My biggest peeve was the scientists acting like 3rd graders on a field trip. Not to mention going on this expedition blinded. I don't give a rat's ass how much money you're paying. I want to know beforehand where we're going, what we're looking for and all the info possible because all the money in the world won't do me any good if it's a suicide mission

MrEt 10/9/2012 8:12:21 AM

Some of the plot holes you have listed were favorite talking points with my friends. So instead of giving the answers I was always given “it’s in the script” I’ll fan the flames for some of the questions that Prometheus raises, and even add a few.
1) Agreed and no explanation or question.
2) Not that surprising when you consider the timeline from chestburster to full grown alien in the other movies. Less food detailed there then compared to a womb, even chestbursters enlarge rapidly given the size of an egg? That a face hugger implants.
3) Agreed it did not fit the higher evolved species portrayed it seemed more an act of revenge or anger.
4. My friends and I often question if it was unpredictable or he knew through other testing done in the lab not shown. Also it is possible that the Alien mural on the wall was translated by David.
5. Again the mural shows many forms with the classic alien at center stage perhaps there are multiple forms of mutation until the classic alien, don’t forget the dog alien, as well as the predalien, the alien seems to adapt to take from its host to improve its survival, the black goo may be similar.
6. Money talks and enough will change most people’s opinions and weyland is more than ready to spend every dime to get who he wants.
7. So what, given how many frequencies there are with alien hearing you could transmit a large amount of info, or even genetic dna testing in the flute. Like a retina scanner in all the other sci fi movies.
8. More interesting was if she was his genetic daughter or a “replicant” (that’s the word I’m using from now on.) like David. Remember how easy she threw David against the wall but in other Alien moves they were much stronger than regular humans. Yes she was in hyper sleep but that ruse was used in the past.
9. Gestational age based upon fundal height would be my guess.
10. Remember that even if these Aliens were trying to wipe out earth they stopped 2000 years ago…. There were alien finds on earth during the movie that occurred after that, so perhaps these aliens were not of a unified mind as to what should happen to earth.
Top complaints from me, dumb scientist I am forever tired of the take off the helmet routine.
As well as touch the strange animal.
How does the guy making the map get lost?
I know medical science has advanced but running around after a c section borders on the unlikely.



makabriel 10/9/2012 8:42:06 AM


Alien- Mining ship re-routed to explore a  distress beacon and the half the crew goes off to explore what is obviously an alien craft

Aliens- A whole marine team sent to see what happened to a colony that goes black, but they are not told why.

Alien 3- prison colony is told by the corporation to save and hold an unknown woman and the obviously killer alien that's wiping out the population.

Alien 4- Group of mercenaries bringing sleeping humans to a spacestation without asking questions,


Are you seeing a trend here?  Because Prometheus is nothing new..


Wiseguy 10/9/2012 8:59:55 AM

makabriel, sorry to disagree but I find all the above very different.

Alien is likely following the rules of space travel much like the rules of the ocean. You're supposed to help's the Marines. It isn't up to you whether or not to go, you just follow orders. Semper fi

Alien 3- all they're doing is holding the woman as per orders. Doesn't compare to any of the others.  They aren't aware of any alien presence at first and even so holding the woman seems like a perfect rational order while trying to also kill the alien once they become aware of it

4 is a bunch of mercs working outside of the law, questions are their last concerns

Prometheus are hired scientists, working for pay. No one would risk their lives for pay without knowing or assessing the risks, especially learned men.

redhairs99 10/9/2012 9:06:00 AM

 You guys who seem to think Promethus is such a great movie need to search for Honest Trailers - Prometheus on You Tube.  The movie had great visuals but falls flat on it's face when it comes to plot holes and leaps in logic.

makabriel 10/9/2012 9:07:42 AM

No one knew they were risking their lives until it was too late, like all the other movies.  It was supposed to be a journey to meet our creators.  Following a trail of archaeological hints.  As far as they knew, it was just a trip to dig up more ruins. 

I won't argue that some of the decisions that were made after the fact were a bit odd (Yeah, I'd be running away from any kind of snake...), but unfortunately a lot of the choices weren't in their hands.  Weiland and his daughter were pulling all the strings.

Besides, aren't all horror movies just a long series of poor decisons? Hehe :D


makabriel 10/9/2012 9:21:10 AM

Redhairs:  You know that Honest Trailers is a satirical creation, right?  You should check out the Avengers one.  It's pretty good as well.


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