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TheMovieGuy28 6/21/2009 6:05:31 PM

Hanso, it was me saying weeks before it came out that the Hangover was gonna own, and I called it as best comedy since Wedding Crasher....come on man catch up!

As for Wolverine, I so wanted it to be the biggest hit of the summer, but it was just a subpar movie that was made to sell slurpees @ 7-11.

Star Trek is possibly the second best genre movie this summer, with UP being the first. They both own on so many levels, and if you didn't have a good time watching them, you must be dead.

Terminator was absolutely disappointing. I mean "holy sh*t, how did this end up sucking sooooo bad" boring. Nothing new to the story whatsoever other than some gritty transformers robots, and gasp! a terminator who's part human!?!?! I swear to God, the opening monologue/future sequence to T2 was better than all of salvation.

As for Transformers, I'm sick to my stomach. I have not missed opening day for tentpole movies since July 2nd, 1996 (and I think we all remember that little Will Smith movie). I have seen every summer #1 opening day, opening show, opening midnight......


and I didn't get tickets for Transformers........I'm f*ckin disgusted with myself that I'll have to wait 3 days until the weekend, all shows around my area are sold out, and I ain't settling for anything less than a 30-ft tall Imax Optimus


500$ US baby

TheMovieGuy28 6/21/2009 6:07:29 PM

PS-Diego Sanchez & Clay Guida fought a battle for the ages last night! That thing was crazy!

almostunbiased 6/21/2009 6:50:47 PM

Up was fun wan't it, but I'd rather watch Star Trek over and over than Up to be honest.  Though I'll probably end up owning both because of the kids.  Blu-rays that is, not the movie rights although that would be awesome.

almostunbiased 6/21/2009 6:51:17 PM

Oh and Harry Potter is going to clean up, huge.

Riddick316 6/21/2009 6:57:53 PM

Yea! I almost forgot about Harry Potter. I've watched ALL and own ALL of the other Potter movies. I'm definitely going to see it!! 

wessmith1966 6/21/2009 7:11:10 PM

Yeah, I think it's a given that Harry Potter's going to clean up at the box office. While I'm not a huge Potterite, I've seen and enjoyed all of the movies so I know I'll see the last two.

Movie want to know why Terminator Salvation sucked? The director, McG. His movies are all flash and no substance. Even We Are Marshall, which should been a hugely emotional movie based on the story and the quality of actors involved, didn't resonate the way it should have. Sure, it had a couple of good moments, but missed the mark more often than not.

kingofmovies 6/21/2009 7:53:44 PM

Transformers will crush the weekend records this week..........every big budget movie always doubles or triples in the sequel (pirates,matrix, dark knight, terminator,etc.)............ so I dont care what people say this will be the new record holder......I also read somewhere that fandango and other sites already has transformers with a 160 mill 3 day opening........the record is dark knight with 5 day 203 mil and 158 3 I will definately be there tuesday at midnight........its going to be a 2 hour 30 min eye candy for all of us CGI anyone who is looking for a deep meaning and moral behind talking robots then please save yourself the 10.00 and don't watch it but if your looking for an explosive expensive high octane movie by mr. "big boom" michael bay then your as excited as I am..........but finally the first huge summer blockbuster is here!!!!!...........


wessmith1966 6/21/2009 9:44:14 PM

Well said kingof movies and I completely agree. Michael Bay is the perfect summer movie director and Transformers is going to break the 5 and 3 day records. If you go to this movie expecting anything other than a lot of effects and explosions you really aren't being realistic. I still think Bay would be the perfect director to bring a new Superman movie, the movie we all wanted to see in Superman Returns and didn't, to the big screen.

TheMovieGuy28 6/21/2009 9:48:27 PM

Wessmith, yeah you're right. McG has no substance. And we are marshall, as sad as the true story is, just seemed like the movie version looked ot make you purposefully cry every 5 minutes. the movie just plain sucked.

And as for Fallen, let's say the movie makes on average 30-35 million a day from Thursday on, this is easily do-able as tentpoles can make that in a day. so that's anywhere from 120-140 million, not including weds (which could easily have a 25-30 mill day)....I happen ot think it'll have a couple of 40 (possibly even a 50 Friday like episode III did) during the weekend, so I can see the Fallen busting out 180 easily.


If it drops 200 or more in the first 5 days, will everyone start to believe it may hit the 500$ US I've been saying all along?

If shrek 2 can bust out nearly 450 mill over 5 years ago, and indy IV can make 300 being the lackluster that it was, I see T2 smacking 400 no prob, 500 may be a stretch but I believe it's possible



PS-Harry Potter should walk off with @ least 300. I think it will be the 2nd biggest this year behind Fallen



goirish83 6/21/2009 9:56:23 PM

i just returned from seeing Year One........add Jack Black to the list, right after Will Ferrell, of actors that should NOT be allowed to make a movie for at least 2 years.  Awful, I literally did not laugh once.

Less than 48 hours to Transformers.


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