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PS2 Hard Drive sells out in Japan

Very limited quanities contribute to brisk sales

By James Stevenson     July 11, 2001

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan announced today that it has sold all 10,000 of its initial Playstation 2 Hard Drive units.

Sony only made the hard drives available on its online store and the units were expected to sell through quickly given the 3 million Playstation 2 owners in Japan. The 40 GB hard drive can be used for various functions such as downloading new levels, or creating a soundtrack for a game. They are priced around $150 US.

The early success can be called somewhat of a victory for Sony given the precedence of failure for expensive add-ons (Sega CD, Sega 32X). However, the early sales are attributed mostly to hard-core gamers, so it's not yet clear if the general population will accept the add-on.


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