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karas1 2/13/2013 5:51:39 AM

I read three of the "Batman family" books.  I'm not interested in purchasing extra books from titles I don't ordinarily read to get the whole story for a big crossover event.  Which means for 2 months I don't enjoy the Batman titles I DO buy because I'm getting only part of a larger story and I don't know what is going on.  This is the second time since the New 52 debuted (what, like a year and a half?) that this has happened.  If they keep this up, instead of pickiing up new books from the "Batman family" I'm going to drop the ones I do buy.  Why can't they just keep the titles seperate for a while and develop independant stories for us to enjoy?

jedibanner 2/13/2013 6:06:17 AM

I think it's obvious DC is a bit loss into how to manage their books karas1 and I know from my end, I gave up on all DC books.

Even though some storyline might be good and may show potential, when it becomes too large of a story and you need to buy 20 books overall to get one story...not worth it.

Great new books coming out today from Marvel, kind of curious how they will show Cyclop as a hero again after all the crap he did, he's become a bad guy, he's not a hero, he should be hunted down for his crimes.



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