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'Punisher: War Zone' amazing?

    July 31, 2008
Source: judao.com.br

While some are reporting that the 'Punisher War Zone' movie that Lexi Alexander turned in was a train wreck and unsalvageable by Lionsgate, 'The Spirit' producer Deborah Del Prete says the fault does not lie with the director.

The SOS Hollywood blog attributes this quote to Del Prete:

"I’ve seen the [Ain't It Cool News] article and it’s bad. I’m very close friend with Lexi and I must tell you, it’s all wrong. She wasn’t fired, they took the movie away from her. I’ve seen her cut and it’s amazing but someone else thought otherwise. I’ve been working with her and she’s a great director. I’ll keep on working with her and the only thing I can tell about this is that I trust her."

Click through to the SOS Hollywood blog for their complete report.

Note: This story was updated on August 2nd.


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