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Fans won't be getting a PG-13 rating.

By Rob M. Worley     October 03, 2008

Punisher War Zone poster
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After some rumor and speculation that the new 'Punisher: War Zone' movie would be some namby-pamby PG-13 movie for the kids, the MPAA has handed-down its rating for the film.

The movie is officially rated "R" for pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use.

There you go, Punisher fans. Not just violence. Not just brutal violence. Not just strong brutal violence. Pervasive strong brutal violence!


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dadarkknight 10/3/2008 9:16:34 AM
Now thats what us Punisher fans have been wanting now lets hope its has a good story(it does not have to be a deep story this is the punisher for crying out load, just a decent 80s-early 90s Arnold S type story) Now hurry up and adverstise this thing lol
silversurfer 10/3/2008 9:54:45 AM
....as if any other ratings alphabet for movies would've been used? Seriously, this is not for the faint at heart, and Frank Castle would probably blow you away if you even thought it.....it's good to know that Marvel decided to make this a serious movie that hopefully lives up to the expectation...
blackshogun420ninja 10/3/2008 10:01:12 AM
Hot DIggity Damn!!! I liked tha Thomas Jane Punisher. I kinda had2 make myself like it. But, I do enjoy it. Hopefully tha action will be better and more nasty. I don't wanna talk bout tha 80'z version.
Wiseguy 10/3/2008 10:40:42 AM
What happened to gore? I have high hopes for this one cause Lexi kept saying she was basing it on Ennis' run on the Max Punisher series. I would've even prefered that it was based on one of his stories. One involving Barracuda could be amazingly fun.
joeybaloney 10/3/2008 10:56:48 AM
Great news! Guess I will go see it after all (with a trailer suck clause). Curious as to why this is the case though. Thought Lexi was fired for fighting for the hard R.
hanso 10/3/2008 11:23:50 AM
Niceness. This is the exact thing that fool Ratner needs to do for God of War. Pervasive strong brutal violence suckas!!!!!!!
dallaswinston 10/3/2008 11:36:55 AM
NICE RATED R. Thank God. Jigsaw looks sick, and this is going to be a million times better then Janes Punisher even tho he did a good job. This will just be brutal and entirely what some of us want out of the Punisher. No nonense, Hardcore Brutality. After all thats what the guy does. Lexi your Hot and great job can't wait to see it. Stevenson looks great as Castle.
DarkXid 10/3/2008 9:44:09 PM
Well of course it's going to be an "R" how long would the PG-13 version be? Maybe two minutes? As long as the trailer perhaps. Probably just him standing on some mafia meeting table looking mean. Jigsaw is pretty freaking hideous (as he should be). He alone is probably worth the "R" Rating. . .
BeerBastard 10/4/2008 6:14:30 AM
I wonder how the PG-13 rumors started because the trailer for the movie is extremely violent, and all reports from the director etc. keep detailing how violent the movie will be.
Wiseguy 10/4/2008 7:11:31 AM
The rumor started because supposedly the studio took her off the editing room because again supposedly they wanted a pg13 rating. Lexi stopped blogging about the film and put a "see no evil speak no evil" banner or something in her page. I THINK when the studio felt the backlash maybe they backtracked and everyone downplayed the whole thing.
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