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'Punisher: War Zone' getting neutered?

    August 15, 2008
Source: latinoreview.com

According to LatinoReview Lionsgate is now looking to sterilize the 'Punisher War Zone' movie to a PG-13 cut.

No on-record sources are given and the article goes on to speculate that the studio is trying to emulate the success of another dark, violent, yet teen-rated film: 'The Dark Knight.

Another interesting item of note: in the wake of the alleged dismissal of Lexi Alexander from the project, the director has apparently removed all references to 'War Zone' from her site.

Her current note to fans discusses her affection for actor Dash Mihok and watching him work side-by-side with actor Colin Salmon. This is apparently a reference to their work in the Marvel movie, yet she doesn't specify the movie by name. Clicking around there are no references anywhere to be found anywhere on Alexander's site.

All in all this doesn't bode well for a movie fans are already down on. 'Punisher War Zone' is due in theaters this December.


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