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'Punisher: War Zone' rumors overblown?

    July 31, 2008
Source: movieblog.ugo.com

So, 'Punisher War Zone' is either a complete disaster, or an amazing film. Either way, Lexi Alexander has been banished by Lionsgate, right? Not so, says UGO Movie Blog.

Their insiders say that the story that Alexander missed Comic-Con because she was on her honeymoon is true, contrary to what was reported by Ain't It Cool.

However, the director had sufficient time to plan a honeymoon that wouldn't conflict with Comic-Con and simply chose not too. The folks at Lionsgate, apparently, were relieved that Lexi would not make the show. UGO's sources at the studio claim that the director has been difficult to deal with in the post production process.

UGO's sources liken her to a Jekyll & Hyde, who is sometimes very reasonable with studio requests, and sometimes erupts into "raging hostility".

Further, the source claims that they studio is very happy with the raw footage of the film, and just wants to make the usual tweaks that studio types typically make, to shape it into the best movie it can be. "There is, indeed, a new post-production team in place (and new composer), folks that have worked closely with the Marvel camp on their recent projects," writes UGO's blogger.

Furhter, the source claims that the director is still being consulted about post-production efforts and has not been frozen out.


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