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'Punisher: War Zone' well received by studio

    April 08, 2008
Source: www.lexialexander.com

'Punisher: War Zone' director Lexi Alexander talks about a director's cut screening of the film on her personal website. Alexander tells her readers that she recently talked on the phone to Ray Stevenson, star of the film, who missed the April 1st screening.

See, what a lot of people don’t know about Ray is that besides his wicked acting skills, he is also funny as hell. He answered the phone with: "So, how much of a committee cut are we going to end up with?” I almost fell out of my chair laughing and trust me, I needed a good laugh that day. A screening like that is pretty tense. You sit there thinking: “Fuck, what if I’m crazy and I made a piece of shit film?”

Well, thank God it went well and, although I'll probably have to compromise on a few minor notes, it’s not nearly as bad as some of my filmmaker friends predicted it would be. I guess I got away with an actual okay studio experience (knocking on wood since it’s not quite over yet).

They also moved our release date to December 5th, which is, according to my reps, a much, much better date.

She also provides a photo of herself and Stevenson with stunt double Jeff Wolf, so click through for Alexander's complete update.


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