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Queen Emeraldas

In a far distant future a would-be master race seeks to dominate the galaxy. Against these merciless Afressians, mankind has just one hope: the mysterious female warrior know as Emeraldas. Driven by the tortured memory of her lost love, Emeraldas sails the Sea of Stars like a privateer of old, blasting forces of tyranny into atoms with an amazing array of futuristic weapons.

But when the devious Commander Eldomain kidnaps a group of innocent civilians, Emeraldas is drawn into a deadly trap from which even she may not escape! State of the art computer animation techniques bring Leiji Matsumoto’s (Star Blazers) most famous creation of stunning life in Queen Emeraldas!

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Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Queen Emeraldas by ADV Films UK
Queen Emeraldas by ADV Films
Queen Emeraldas by ADV Films