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"Breaking Dawn Pt. 1" Review - Chapter 1

11/19/2011 12:52:11 PM permalink

I Have knew it would happen eventually. And, of course, "Breaking Dawn" would be the catalyst.

So here I sit, prepared to revi
ew the penultimate in the "Twilight" series.

This morning, all I asked for was a quiet, relaxing day. I, by no means, got it.

I've made two trips into town today, and the second was to utilize an attempt to hit the Malco in Van Buren to see a certain movie of the "Twilight" persuasion.

If you're one of the few who've been here for the long run, you may ask yourself "Why not go on opening night like you've done in the past?" Simple: the happy fun back pains from my injuries sustain from work, plus the scoliosis I didn't know i had, and factoring the cooler weather which just make it all the more hellish, I decided to forgo being first in line for the opening night presentation. I, in short, did it for my own hopefully painless sanity.

Boy did I screw up.

I arrive about noon for the one o'clock showing, get my ticket, and sit down. Twenty minutes later, the fire alarm goes off and the crowds shuffle out of the theater, into the lobby, past the concession stand to find the popcorn popper is smoking like a wildfire.

That kind of stuff happens with electrical fires.

Moments later, two fire engines arrive, one departs, and a trio of police cars back us away from the building. Half an hour later, the still smoldering popper has been wheeled out, a statement is made about giving us refunds, and the police, firemen of Ladder 1 of Van Buren, and the theater's crew return to the business at hand.

While I shuffle between leaning up against my truck, leaning up against a lamp post, and sitting on the not at all comfy concrete I'm approached by a girl from a small group of people that just has to know where I bought my shoes at. I'm still not sure what prompted that, but I told her the local Academy sporting goods store, and off she went.

Another girl about her age was with her small group and, having arrived late and not entirely knowing what was up, repeated her mantra of It can't close! It can't close!

Yes, my dear, it can and did shut down for the remainder of the day.

About an hour later after all this began, most of the filmgoers had left except for a small smattering of us waiting for our refunds, which was then changed into a promise our tickets would be honored at "a later date."

Fine, so I came home.

I think I'll just slam "Eclipse" in the Blu-Ray player and try to get the relaxation I damn well deserve.

As a final thought, one young man had his camera phone out and I'm wagering he has, or will in the near future, upload a video concerning the whole ordeal. If you see a tall, thin guy wearing glasses, faded tan cargo pants, and a black and yellow Hawaiian shirt then that's me. Your keywords will most likely be fire, Malco Theater, Van Buren, Arkansas, between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00 on Saturday, the 19'th of November.

Happy viewing.

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