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"Breaking" Maniacs, Pt. 1

11/19/2011 5:30:32 AM permalink

I see Mr. Vaux is rallying the hypocrites again. A new "Twilight" movie must be in theaters.

Well of course it is. I've been waiting a while for it now myself, and up until this point had been too preoccupied to deal with bouncing the slings, arrows, and name calling away from a good franchise that has, admittedly, in the past suffered from its own success by means of those who produce it.

This is by no means a review, as I have not seen the film in question yet. I HAVE read the book, but that doesn't mean I know how the film unfolds. Jacob will likely be unclothed in it, and that's pretty much the only certainty I know about it.

No, this is about calling out the hypocrites.

Frankly, if you don't like it, then I have nothing against you.

Past remembrances bring up the fact I wasn't pleased with "New Moon," but cheered for David Slade and "Eclipse."  What this new two-parter will be like I've no clue, neither expectations, or visions of.

But expecting a fair review of any installment in this series by Rob is like expecting the guys at PETA to eat a cheeseburger, with extra blood please.

Time and time he's made his disdain for the series, even when the main topic has had nothing to do with it. "Vampire Diaries," and TV Wasteland come to mind. And the like minded hold hands, fall in line behind him, and cheer the eventual death of the characters and such.

Most recently, besides the "Breaking Dawn Pt. 1" review, comes the Mary Sue allegations. Bull shit, I say. I won't speak for the other five, but Bella and Crusher's attacks just illuminate the fact the man doesn't get them, so instead cuts them to their needs and pushes the rest into oblivion.

But it's the ongoing treatment by all the current vocal readers which is desparate case of "the pot calling the kettle black." More whining, more wailing, more debasing the fan base and calling the lot of it immature, while being suspiciously immature in the attacks.

These vocal complaints have come from, admittedly, one far end of the spectrum which is making fun of the other far end of the spectrum: angry little boys of all ages pissing and moaning (and their never ending disgust) about excited little girls (and their ever present approval).

I've been defending this series for YEARS at Mania, and actually managed to bring a select few (of the vocal members) out of their ignorance of the series, and actually watched as wiseguy didn't like the first of the series, but for some reason the second.
Go figure.

The "Twilight" series doesn't need me to sit here on my ass to defend it any more than it needs the cranky voices of everlasting ten year old boys to kick it down. It is an imperfect series, like a lot of others, that has more going for it that's good than bad.

As for why I haven't seen it yet, well hopefully that's being corrected tomorrow.

And for all those that want to continue pissing and moaning about the series in the way that you have, the next time you tell this fanbase to grow the hell up, then you really should consider taking you're own ridiculous advice, for you're no better than those that can't see beyond the title and can truly judge it in a fair manner.

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HarryTuttle 11/22/2011 6:46:54 AM

 First off, let me just say that I saw the first movie, didn't care for it, and haven't watched any of the others. Furthermore I have no plans to do so either, simply because they hold no interest for me. Just in the interests of full disclosure, you understand.

Anyway, I'm not responding to your blog in order to get the knives out for the movies, or defend Rob's reviews. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't. But I don't take it personally if he disparages a film I have some kind of emotional investment in.

And that comment is not meant as a veiled criticism of you either Starlight. In fact, I wanted to comment that I respect the way you have consistently stood up for this series, because you believe in them. You've been swimming against the tide here at Mania since the beginning and you've had to put up with a bunch of critical attacks because of it, but you've always managed to argue your side with lucidity and eloquence, and I for one admire you for that. It shows sincerity and integrity on your part, and I just wanted to back you up for taking a stand and being consistent.

Keep on keeping on, and all that.

StarlightGuard 11/25/2011 2:26:10 PM

Why thank you.

Yeah, it seems the readers have forgotten me, but that's because I had to leave for quite a while due to other issues. And some technical ones I've had.

If all are resolved (and I'm still having troubles posting the actual REVIEW for the movie, Mr. Sarafin) then we'll see what comes next.



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