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  • Stars: Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman, Leonard Roberts, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar
  • Produced By: Adam Armus, Jeph Loeb, Tim King

"Heroes: Distractions"

By STEPHEN LACKEY     February 07, 2007

Heroes image from "Unexpected" which airing Feb. 19 on NBC

Wow am I tired of the poor marketing for this series.  The ads said in this episode “she will meet her dad…” speaking of Claire meeting her biological father after finally finding her real mother.  Well needless to say, that didn’t happen at all, but while Claire didn’t meet her father, we did and so ends another fantastic episode of Heroes. 

The thing I found most interesting in this episode is the beginning of Peter’s training.  I’ve often thought that he’s the most powerful member of the heroes and we are finally beginning to see that here.  His new friend, who I like to call The Invisible Man, is jaded, and based on hints from Mr. Bennett, he may have been in hiding for fifteen years, and even thought dead.  He tries to convince Peter that he won’t be able to control his powers until he lets go of all his connection to his loved ones.  He does this by showing Peter that his girlfriend is having dinner and an intimate moment with her previous boyfriend Isaac.  He follows that by throwing Peter off a building.  When Peter crashes on a taxi he instinctually thinks of Claire and uses her power to save himself.  It’s only then that he understands that Invisible Man is wrong, rather than forget those around him he must remember them and even care about them.   It’s interesting that Peter’s powers have worked out like this as he was a caregiver prior to gaining his abilities. 

Claire and Zach work out a plan for a stealthy trip to Kermit where her biological mother lives in a trailer park.  We don’t see much of their meeting other than Claire demoing her powers to her mother and her mother showing Claire that she can make fire.  The big zinger of this meeting, and in fact of this episode, comes when Claire’s mother contacts Claire’s real father, Nathan.  There were some great guesses on the web, and in the comments for my previous review but no one guessed this.  Even I was expecting it to be Linderman.  This does validate the strong feeling that Peter has had for Claire. 

This week featured the coolest transition from Nikki to Jessica in the series so far.  Nikki’s doctor finally brings Jessica out and is killed for it, and then inexplicably Linderman buys Nikki out of prison.  Back home everything seems ok until Nikki goes into the bathroom and it’s revealed that Jessica has taken over and Nikki is trapped inside revealed by her trying to break free from the mirror image.  This was a simple but very effective scene. 

Everybody’s favorite character Hiro found himself treading water this episode and now that I think about it he was mostly treading water last week too.  The writers need to slow him down; they don’t want him getting his powers back until just the right time.  So in this episode we find Hiro arguing with his father about returning home.  A little maneuvering on his part pushes his sister to the forefront leading his father to understand that his sister is truly the one most qualified to take a place at her father’s side running the company.  There was very little of interest here and Hiro and Sulu, uhh I mean his father, were entirely underused. 

Overall this episode didn’t feel as much like a build up as other episodes have.  It was more focused on character development, mostly for Peter and Claire.  While this isn’t a bad thing it does stagger the momentum just a bit.  No questions were answered this week but a new intriguing story arc has been set into motion regarding Claire’s heritage. As I said at the beginning of the review, this was still a fantastic episode, just not quite as strong as previous entries. I would like to have seen more meaningful development for Hiro and better use of George Takei, but you can’t win them all.


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raxton 2/7/2007 2:55:37 AM
Did anyone notice the License Plate of the car that Hiro's Father drove off in? Seen only for a moment, still it was a fantastic tribute to Star Trek and Takei. This show just keeps getting better and better!
larkcall_home 2/7/2007 7:26:46 AM
***Spoiler*** Incase you haven't watched it. While I did think this was another good episode, I am concerned that they are creating too much of a microcosm, this meaning that all of the players are too attached to one another in off the wall ways. First Hiro and Nikki are connected because his friend is in love with Nikki though her porn site. Nikki and Nathan became connected when they hooked up in Vegas. Nathan and Hiro happen to meet when Nathan lands at a diner that Hiro is at. Peter and Isaac hook up over a love triangle. Peter, Hiro, and Isaac all are trying to save Claire. All of this I was able to deal with without having to suspend my disbelief. But, now it just so happens that Nathan is Claireâ??s father. This is just a bit much. I found myself for the first time saying, â??This is just stupidâ??. I really like the show, but I hope it is not going to become this contrived thing where they just keep trying to throw curve balls to keep up some sense of â??Wow Factorâ??.
djcgmcse 2/7/2007 7:52:37 AM
Great episode, I very much enjoyed it. For those that missed the License Plate reference that raxton is talking about: http://www.jonlee.ca/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/vlcsnap-1133327.png
mbeckham1 2/7/2007 9:08:30 AM
I loved Eccelston last week and he was ven better here. That last scene between him and Peter when Peter started manifesting all the powers he's copied at once when he unceremoniously punchefd Peter out and "Well,it's a start" was priceless. Also, his casual attitude when he defended his descision to throw Peter off the building was great too. I'm seeing more of his version the Doctor in him every episode and that's a very good thing. Peter's developing well as a character too, though I think he and "Claude" both were jumping the gun a bit seeing Simone and Isaac together. Peter knows they're and that Simone going through a stressful time in large part due to his dissappearance, not top mention he whole New York's about to blow thing, and he knows Isaac can see the future and that she knows he can too. Under the circumstances a hug and a forhead touch seems fairly innocent evenn given their past relationaship. Esspecially since Peter's supposed to be the one with great faith in humanity. A kiss or full on snogg would have been another thing they didn't do that. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to more Yoda/Skywalker action between "Claude" and Peter Claire was center stage in this episode and that's another very good thing. The mixture awkwardness and hope in both of them was perfect and the actress who plays Claire gives another outstanding performance. Actually, there were people on the AICN board who had guessed Nathan, I wasn't convinced at the time. Looking at it now I think it's a great idea, complicating Nathan's relationship with the other Heroes even more. While, Hiro's story was indeed treading water and the much advertised meeting between him and George Takie as his Dad a bit anticlimactic, Masi Oka did manage to, nonetheless, keep it entertaining. Ando crushing on his sister was pretty funny too and I hope we see her again. Maybe she can finance the heroes like Bruce Wayne did the Justice League. One of the biggest surprises is that Isaac is still working with Mr. Bennet. I wouldn't have expected Isaac to contact Bennet again after everything that went on there, but I suppose it makes since given the stakes and Isaac's beleife that he can't change the future on his own. I did love the Nikki/Jessi scenes this week. Some of her best scenes to date. Especially that last scene in the mirror. I'm really looking forward to the next episode where, in the preview, Jessica meets Matt Parkman. That could be very interesting indeed, especally given his ability. Will he hear both voices? Could Jessica possess him, because of his psychic power? Or will he be able to help Nikki regain control? And will she be able to help him in his own quest? How ever it goes it should be interesting.
jetpackjesus 2/7/2007 9:30:48 AM
Good thoughts, mbecham. I just hope they aren't killing Parkman off. They made that comment about the line between good and evil (or something like that) is being crossed in the preview and then showed Jessica throwing him out a window. That could just be a product of the poor marketing that was mentioned in the review. I sometimes wonder if they actually watch the episodes before making the commercials. I think it makes sense that Claire's father is Nathan. I originally thought it would be Eric Roberts, but when I saw his mom I thought she was way too young for him to be the father. So it definitely seems like he will be Linderman. That's certainly a good choice. I'm excited to see Mohinder and Sylar together. The actor playing Sylar is great, and I think we might learn some interesting things through the interaction. Maybe someone can help me with this: I remember a message on an answering machine, I think, between Sylar and Mohinder's dad where he told Sylar he didn't want to deal with a murderer. Did Mohinder hear this message? Or was that Mr. Bennet? I don't remember well enough what the circumstances were there. I'm also glad that Nikki/Jessica story arc is improving drastically. I also saw a cool thing on Ripley's Believe it or Not yesterday about Micah. The kid is apparently a savant with regards to the piano. They showed him when he was much younger and on My Wife and Kids. He was an incredible piano player. He can't read music apparently (maybe he can now), but he can listen to something and just play it back by memory. Very impressive. No wonder he's such a talented actor.
mbeckham1 2/7/2007 10:25:09 AM
I think Mohinder did hear the message and is working under the theory that Sylar had killed his father. However, I don't think he knows what Sylar looks like, so I expect Sylar will approach him under an assumed name, possibly the telekenic who was his first victim. Actually, when you look at Claire and then at Nathan, they have similar facial features around the chin and cheek bones, they do look like they could be related. That's cool about the actor who plays Micah, he looks very smart. I've heard the Parkman story is suppose to get darker, but i haven't heard anything about him dying. Doesn't mean he won't, but I think the writers have other plans for him.
bjjdenver 2/7/2007 11:47:07 AM
Heroes continues to impress me. Every week I want more and can't wait for the next episode. That said, I don't like the advertising for the next shows either, they don't live up to the quality of the series and are often misleading and unneccessary. larkcall, you seem to be missing the point that the premise of the series is that all of the "heroes" are connected and will eventually come together. What would be the point of random people with powers that have no connection? If that is what you like, check out The 4400 on USA. One wish, please. Let Eric Roberts be Linderman and let him be badddddddddd!!
chemikillgod 2/7/2007 2:35:44 PM
I love Heroes. I HATE the ads. It's so cloying, melodramatic to an agonizing point and give away pretty much the entire episode. They need to stem that shit back since that crap has the potential of backlash.
silversurfer 2/7/2007 3:13:49 PM
okay....I thought that showing Nathan as her dad was cool....and I totally didn't see that coming...I don't think that anyone did. I liked Hiro letting go of his obligations to run the company....I just don't think it's the end of it for he and his dad..(we can only wish though) I agree with one of the postings about Nikki/Jessica! In a way, I'm kinda glad that it happened the way it did because the Dr was getting on my nerves....It should be interesting to see where that goes now that Jessica is hanging out and Nikki is locked up. Peter and the Invisible Man will make for the best story so far. I think the Invisible Man knows more than what he's letting on and he may even know Sylar...just a hunch. He's trained others, that's for sure and runs from it now. Nathan's going to have to come clean, and with a daughter that he was trying to keep under wraps now in the forefront should make for a good story. I'm for the Eric Roberts possible AKA Linderman thing...it would be very cool. I think he could pull it off. But you gotta like how Linderman has all of them on a very tight leash...what would be cooler if he were a Hero.
Tonebone 2/7/2007 4:04:57 PM
I can tell you now that Eric Roberts isn't Linderman. TVGUIDE.com basically confirmed who had been cast as Linderman and its not Eric Roberts. I won't spoil it for those who are spoiler sensitive. But I am sure its pretty much all over the net now. And to comment on larkcall's post, part of the premise of the show is these people somehow coming together through, fate, destiny or whatever to stop the coming catastrophe. And according to TK, it isn't like they just decided last week that Nathan would be Claire's dad. It was decided from the beginning and Adrian Padar actually knew from the beginning
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